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Best Budapest Hotels by Type, Neighbourhood, and Price

      Finding the best Budapest hotel is not an easy task since the city offers more than 300 hotels, a couple of hundred other lodgings, and the number of new accommodations is growing year by year.


    To help you select a hotel that best suits your needs and budget we made several hand-picked lists of hotels according to type/style, location within the city, and price category.

    Our guide to the best hotels in Budapest is mostly based on travellers reviews published on the internet. Who else can tell unbiased, honest opinion about a hotel than people who slept there?

    Browse our list of top-rated hotels to find a nice and good-value place to stay at during your visit to the Hungarian capital.


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    Hotels by Style / Star Rating

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  • Luxury Hotel room with fine view

    Luxury Hotels in Budapest

    A large selection of high-end accommodation to fully enjoy your stay in the city.
    Most luxury hotels are located in the city centre close to all the sights and attractions.
    If you want splurge you can stay at former palaces converted into high-end hotels: the Boscolo Budapest Autograph Collection (New York Palace), the Buddha Bar Budapest Klotild Palaces, or the Four Seasons Gresham Palace.

  • Hotels Near the Christmas Market at Vörösmarty Square

    Find a good hotel within a few hundred meters of the festive Christmas fair at Vörösmarty tér.

    Luxury hotels with the best views and riverside location, as well as a few less expensive but great hotels in the centre.

    No matter which you choose to stay at you'll have a memorable holiday in Budapest.

  • a double room in a boutiqe hotel

    Best Boutique Hotels in Budapest

    Hand-picked list of the top boutique and design hotels, hip, modern accommodations in the city centre for both leisure and business travellers.
    Rooms in the Lanchid 19 Design Hotel on the Danube bank offer wonderful panorama, while the Hotel Palazzo Zichy offers modern feel with a touch of historic ambiance.

  • view of Pest form a hotel in Buda

    Best 5-Star Hotels

    The top-rated 5-star hotels include hotels in the city centre: the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, the Sofitel Chain Bridge Budapest, Four Seasons Budapest, Buddha Bar Hotel Klotild Palace, and some great hotels in Buda Castle: Hilton or the St. George Residence Hotel

  • hotel room

    Best 4-Star Hotels in Budapest

    Best 4-star accommodations in central Budapest, and in the outskirts. Hotels that offer great service and quality stay for your money: Continental Hotel Zara, Hotel Palazzo Zichy, Buda Castle Fashion Hotel and more.


  • room in a 3 star Hotel

    3-Star Hotels in Budapest

    Selection of good mid-range hotels if you don't want to spend a lot on accommodation but wish to stay at a quality place at affordable price. Includes 3-star hotels in the city centre and in the greener areas.

  • double room in a budget hotel

    Budget Hotels in Budapest

    Finding a budget Budapest Hotels that offer pleasant lodging yet won't break the bank aren't as hard to come by as you might think.
    Skim through our list of best-rated moderately priced hotels located in the city center and in the outer districts.

  • double room in easyhotel oktogon

    Really Cheap Budapest Hotels

    If you want to stay at a low-priced hotel you have to sacrifice comfort level: basic decor, noise, no high-speed internet.
    But you come here to see the city and not to stay at your hotel room all day isn't it? So if you want save on lodgings browse our list of recommended low-cost hotels.

  • pool in a Spa Hotel

    Best Spa & Wellness Hotels

    Budapest is often dubbed as the city of healing waters because of the abundance of thermal springs in the area.
    If you want to pamper yourself in a spa and wellness hotel during your stay you have a wide selection to pick from: nearly all luxury hotels in Budapest have spa and wellness facilities, the Four Seasons, the Buddha Bar Hotel, the Corinthia Grand Hotel, Royal, but there are two lovely 4-star spa hotels on Margaret Island too.


  • romantic decor in a hotel room

    Romantic Budapest Hotels

    Our list of the best romantic hotels in the Hungarian capital. Charming lodgings in downtown Budapest and in the more peaceful areas of the city for a truly romantic vacation.
    Scented soaps, flowers in the room, chocolates on the pillow: some extra touches that these charming hotels offer to make your stay romantic.
    The Iberostar Grand Hotel is a charming luxury hotel in the city center ideal for a romantic stay.

  • spacious bedroom in an Apartment Hotel

    Apartment Hotels in Budapest

    Guide to Apartment Hotels with detailed descriptions and travellers' reviews. TIP: stay in a modern apartment in Budapest centre, in district V., in the vicinity of St. Stephen's Basilica. Up to 4 persons with optional breakfast or half-board.


  • Budapest Hotels close to the Airport

    Airport Hotels in Budapest

    Guide to Airport Hotels if you want to find accommodation near Ferenc Liszt airport. Our recommendation is the 4-star Airport Budapest Hotel opposite the Business Park of the airport. Nice rooms, restaurant, cafe and bar and a small spa facility make it a good value hotel near the airport.

  • Budapest Hotels by Neighbourhood

  • Kempinski hotel Corvinus a quality luxury hotel

    Budapest City Centre Hotels

    Guide to hotels in the city centre to help you select an accommodation that best suits your needs and budget during your visit. Includes hotels in all price categories from lavish, 5-star lodgings to budget hotels.

  • Show more Read Budapest hotel reviews submitted by travellers.

    More Accommodation Options - Apartments, Vacation Rentals, Hostels

    Here are more accommodation choices should you not want to stay in a hotel during your Budapest vacation.

    Budapest Apartments for Rent

  • Budapest Aparments
    Read our Apartment Rental guide to find out out how to go about renting a flat in the city.
  • Luxury Apartments

  • Luxury Apartments in Budapest Where to find high-end vacation rentals in Budapest? Read our guide to Luxury Apartments in Budapest.
  • Cheap Apartments in Budapest

  • Cheap Apartments in Budapest Tips on where to find cheap Budapest apartments. Information on approximate apartment rental fees in Budapest.
  • Hostels

  • Budapest Hostels Find out which are the best Budapest Hostels! Choose from our list of affordable yet quality hostels in Budapest so that you can save on your accommodation.


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