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Best Restaurants in Budapest - Where to Have the Best Eats?

    Browse our list of the best Budapest restaurants, located both in the city centre and in the outer districts. In the list are included those eateries that we think have the right combination of criteria like:

    • the quality of food,
    • polite and quick service, and
    • fine atmosphere.

    We've based this list on our own and our friends' and relatives' dining experiences as well as on other reliable resources (restaurant reviews, gastronomy magazines etc.).

    To give you further help to choose a good place to eat in, we've grouped the top restaurants by their location within the city.

    Price Guide

    The following categories are just an attempt at showing you what to expect to pay for a meal in a restaurants. It is an approximate price of a main course.


    • very expensive (above 4 000-5 000 or more HUF) - $$$$
    • expensive: main courses cost around 3 000-4000 HUF - $$$
    • moderate (main courses cost cc. 2 000 HUF or less) - $$
    • cheap (around 1 000-1 500 HUF or less) - $


    Best-Value Restaurants in Budapest by Area

Castle District and its Neighbourhood - District I.

  • inside Fortuna Restaurant

    Fortuna Restaurant $$$$

    Address: Hess András tér 4., across Hilton Hotel
    Tel: (+36 1) 375 6857

    Enjoy delicious Hungarian dishes and wines in this elegant restaurant.

    Fortuna has its own Champagne cellar, where you can get a private labelled bottle. The place boasts with several gastronomic and wine awards.

    If you fancy a substantial meal try one of their menu offers: the Hungarian menu for 5 700 HUF (incl. a starters, a hearty main dish and a dessert) or the Fortuna Gourmand menu for 11 000 HUF (incl. a starter, a soup, two main dishes and a dessert).

    The wine list at Fortuna includes whites and dessert wines from Tokaj and full-bodied reds from Szekszárd and Villány regions. Besides some of the dessert wines, from Tokaj three other wines are offered by the glass (cc. 700 HUF/100 ml).

  • entrance of Alabárdos

    Alabárdos Restaurant $$$$

    Address: Országház utca 2., across Matthias Church
    Tel: (+36 1) 356 0851

    Hungarian cuisine within medieval setting in a 400 year-old Gothic building. The owner aims to bring back long forgotten Hungarian dishes.

    Great food, live classical music, candle light, fine porcelain and decor make Alabárdos a perfect place for a romantic dinner.

    The menu includes two special courses prepared at the table (cost 5700 HUF): Grilled duck liver, flambéed beetroot, polenta roasted with walnut, and pear and Rib of suckling pig with green pepper sauce potatoes fried on duck grease, mustard onion.

  • Arany Kaviár's interior

    Arany Kaviár - $$$$ Michelin Recommended Restaurant

    Address: Ostrom utca 19.
    Tel: (+36 1) 201 6737
    Open: 12.00-24.00

    Arany Kaviár is an elegant restaurant with Russian Cuisine in Buda Castle. Beautiful decor, friendly service, fine food and drinks what you'll experience in this place.

    There's a tasting menu with drinks that includes five courses (price without drinks: 10 000 HUF, with drinks: 15 000 HUF).

    The wine selection is extensive and includes wines from all major Hungarian wine regions as well as international offerings. They also offer one of the widest selection of wines by the glass (1,5 dl from 780 HUF up to cc. 2 600 HUF).

  • Csalogány 26 at night

    Csalogány 26 $$ - $$$- Earned BIB Gourmand Status from Michelin

    Address: Csalogány utca 26., district I.
    Tel: (+36 1) 201 7892
    Opening hours: Tue-Sat: 12.00-15.00 and 19.00-22.00, Sun, Mon:

    Csalogány 26 is most often mentioned among the best-value restaurants in Budapest. The small place boasts creative cuisine with some Hungarian dishes with modern twist.

    There are two menu lists from which you can have a 4 course meal for 8000 HUF or an 8-course treat for 12 000 HUF.

    The wine offering is varied with more than 20 wines from both well-known (Szepsy from Tokaj, St Andrea from Eger, Heimann from Szekszárd, Malatinszky from Villány) and lesser-known but very good Hungarian wineries (Sándor Tóth from Balaton-felvidék, Bussay from Zala wine region)

  • menu on chalk board in 21 Magyar Vendéglo

    21 Magyar Vendéglő $$$-$$$$ - Hungarian Restaurant-Earned BIB Gourmand Status from Michelin

    Address: Fortuna utca 21.
    Tel: +36 1 202 21 13
    Open: every day 11.00-24.00

    The 21 Magyar Vendéglő is one of the best places to taste Hungarian dishes. The restaurant is also situated in the Castle District on historic Fortuna utca.

    You'll find simple traditional local fares on the menu like Chicken paprikás with home made dumplings, Roasted Mangalica pork chop with cabbage strudel, Wiener schnitzel with potato salad etc.

    Desserts too represent Hungarian cuisine: Somlói galuska (layered sponge cake with vanilla and chocolate sauce), Dobos torte and there's also a cheese plate. The wine list includes some of the finest local wines from Szekszárd, Villány, Balaton, Pannonhalma, Eger, and Tokaj regions.


  • wine bar in Andante Borpatika

    Andante Borpatika $-$$$

    Address: Bem rakpart 2., district I.
    Tel: (+36 1) 457 0807
    Opening hours: Tue-Sat: 16.00-24.00, Sun, Mon:

    This classy wine bar on the Danube riverbank in Pest is a great place to sample Hungarian wines. The bar is owned by Zsolt Tiffán wine producer from Villány, and Ákos Kovács Hungarian pop-rock singer.

    Since Andante is not a restaurant, you won't find traditional three course menu offerings here.

    Instead you can have starter-like meals like Mozzarela caprese, goose liver served cold in its own fat, Mangalica salami with fresh vegetables, salads, dips, sweets (Somlói galuska, parfait) and cheese plates. The wine list consists of local wines from the main wine growing areas and a Pinot Noir from Aradhegyalja in Transylvania.

    See other quality wine restaurants in Budapest.

  • the garden of Pavillon de Paris

    Pavillon de Paris $$$$ - Ideal for a Romantic Dinner

    Address: Fő utca 20., district I.
    Tel: (+36 1) 225-0174
    Opening hours:
    Website: Pavillon de Paris

    Pavillion de Paris is a stylish, French garden restaurant in Buda. It opened in summer 2010 with the aim to bring fine French-style cuisine to Budapest.

    Prices are high but the romantic setting and the great food are worth a try especially for a special occasion like birthdays or an anniversary.

    See more garden restaurants and eateries with outdoor terrace in Budapest.

  • the terrace of Tabáni Terasz

    Tabáni Terasz $$-$$$ - Tasty Local Food, Relaxing Atmosphere

  • Address: Apród utca 10., district I., Buda Tel: (+36 1) 201-1086 This more than 200 years old inn has four sections:

    • a restaurant with an inner-courtyard cafe - a cozy place with an intimate Parisian-style garden cafe
    • a grill terrace and cocktail bar - grilled dishes and salads are the choices here - it is a relaxing place to enjoy your meal under the shade of a walnut tree
    • an outdoor terrace - you can have a meal from the menu or just have a glass of wine or other drink while enjoying a wonderful view of Castle Hill.
    • a wine cellar offering more than 40 wines from Hungary's various wine producing regions - wine tasting events and wine dinners are organized here

    The place houses a historic exhibition called "Tabán Mosaics" about the Tabán (the part of Buda where the restaurant is located).

    Food is moderately priced with a wide choice of meat dishes (grilled, roasted), pastas, and some yummy desserts (Somlói sponge cake, home made chocolate cake, chestnut puree with sour cherries and caramelized walnuts.

  • Buda and the Buda Hills - District II.

  • inside Nancsi neni's

    Náncsi Néni Vendéglője $$-$$$ - Received a Smiley by Michelin

    Address: Ördögárok u. 80, Budapest, district II., take a taxi to get there
    Tel: (+36 1) 397 2742
    Website: Náncsi Néni

    Traditional home-style cooking with cozy atmosphere in the Buda Hills. One of the few Budapest restaurants that was given a smiley in the famous Michelin guide.

    Specialties of the kitchen include

    • Sunday chicken-broth (1 380 HUF),
    • Sirloin 'gulyás' soup (1 380 HUF),
    • Fairy tale menu for children (1 350 HUF),
    • The one and only pike-perch (2 950 HUF),
    • Paprika catfish with túrós csusza (2 980 HUF),
    • Stuffed turkey breast aunt Tercsi style (2 390 HUF),
    • Curd cheese dumplings á la maison (980 HUF).

    It is a child-friendly place with baby dresser, high chairs, scribbling boards, a swing and playground in the garden. A memorable place with exceptional food and attentive service. If you don't mind that it is a bit out of the center then do drop by Náncsi Néni.

  • cozy interior of Szepvolgyi restaurant

    Szépvölgyi Restaurant $$-$$$

    Address: Szépvölgyi út 176., district II.
    Tel: (+36 30) 949 6034
    Open: Tue-Sat: 12.00-23.00, Sun: 12.00-18.00 Monday: closed

    Tasty, Hungarian home-style meals at reasonable prices. Simple dishes cost around 2 000 HUF or less (fried chicken liver with mashed potatoes, chicken paprikás with egg noodles) but there are heartier choices like stuffed cabbage Kolozsvári style (1 900 HUF), steak dishes are around 4 500 HUF. There is also a short children menu.

  • in the garden of Serpenyos Vendeglo

    Serpenyős Vendéglő $$

    Address: Szépvölgyi út 62.., district II.
    Tel: (+36 1) 33 55 361

    A very pleasant good-value inn with a nice garden. Waiters are attentive, prices are friendly.

    There's daily menu every day from 12.00 to15.00: the two course menu costs 1 199 HUF while the three-course version is 1 499 HUF.

    They have a nice wine selection with wines from lesser-known Hungarian wineries.

  • the terrace of Remiz Cafe

    Remíz Cafe & Brasserie $$$-$$$$

    Address: Budakeszi út 5., district II., tram 56 or black bus 22 from Széll Kálmán tér (trams 4, 6, M2 metro)
    Tel: (+36 1) 2751396

    A fashionable dining spot among politicians and celebrities far away from the noisy city center.

    It is a large restaurant with at least five rooms and a spacious terrace. Food shows consistent quality though it's a bit pricey.

    Wines are from the major Hungarian wine producing regions with some international selection.

    Don't miss Remíz's pastry shop offering delicious sweet and savory pastries, cakes and desserts. Their specialty is the Havelka pastry served fresh every evening from 21.00. It is a puff pastry filled with plum preserve and with sesame seeds on top.


  • Best Restaurants in Budapest - Óbuda - District III.

    On our Hungarian Restaurants in Budapest we've already recommended the Kisbuda Gyöngye Restaurant and the Kéhli Restaurant.

    Besides these two places, historic Óbuda has some other good-value restaurants.

  • Pastrami's terrace

    Pastrami Restaurant & Cafe

    Address: Lajos utca 93-99., district III., Óbuda
    Tel: (+36 1) 430 1731

    Website: Pastrami

    Located in a renovated factory building Pastrami is a blend of retro and contemporary design.

    It is ideal for a snack or a more substantial meal as well. The covered terrace is very tempting on a hot summer day for sipping a cold freshly made lemonade or the beer of the house (a mug is 400 HUF) .

    There's daily menu for around 1 400 HUF.

    This is one of the rare places in Budapest where you can taste New York's famous sandwiches (Pastrami, Reuben).

  • A Konyha inside

    A Konyha (The Kitchen) $-$$$

    Address: Mikoviny u. 2-4., district III., Óbuda
    Tel: (+36 1) 887 3657

    Open: Mon-Sat: 12.00-16.00 A Konyha
    is located a bit off the beaten path in Óbuda with a friendly kitchen staff who prepare your food from the ingredients you choose in an open display kitchen.

    They organize special programs like the Summer Jazz Dine Out featuring concerts by famous Hungarian jazz singers and a four-course dinner.

    The quick lunch menu on weekdays between 11.30 and 14.30 is a great value: a main dish for 590 HUF, a soup/salad/dessert for 290 HUF.

  • Maligán Wine Bar's interior

    Maligán Borbisztró $$

    Address: Lajos utca 38.
    Tel: (+36 1) 240 9010

    It used to be a very good wine restaurant with wide selection of wines and tasty Hungarian dishes. Since it has a new owner the quality of food and service seems to drop though.



  • For a Tasty Hungarian Fish Soup We Recommend:

  • Régi Sipos Halászkert fish restaurant Régi Sipos Halászkert - patio

    Régi Sipos Halászkert $$

    Address: Lajos utca 46., district III., Óbuda
    Tel: (+36 1) 250 8082

    Régi Sipos is a top pick for an authentic Hungarian fish soup (halászlé). Here you can have it either in a cup (0.3 l) or in a bowl (0.5 l) with or without innards. Price of halászlé is between 1 500-2 750 HUF.

    Besides fish soup, a variety of other dishes are on the menu: fish dishes like Rácz ponty (carp layered with potatoes, onions, tomato and peppers topped with sour cream and baked in oven), carp stew, fried pike-perch and trout etc., roasted goose drumstick with steamed cabbage, veal stew, Wiener schnitzel, steaks and desserts.



  • Wasabi-street view

    Wasabi $$

    Address: Szépvölgyi út 15., district III. (has other joints at 26. Podmaniczky utca in district VI., and in MOM Park Shopping Center)
    Tel: (+36 1) 430 1056

    A fairly good conveyor-belt restaurant offering sushi and other Japanese and Pan-Asian dishes. Selection of dishes could be improved though.

    There's lunch menu (11.00-17.00): on weekdays: Mon-Tue: 4 490 HUF, Wed-Fri: 4 590 HUF.

    Dinner menu: Mon-Tue: 5 490 HUf, Wed-Fri: 5 990 HUF, on weekends and public holidays: 5990 HUF


  • Restaurants in Downtown Pest - District V.

  • inside Borkonyha
    terrace illuminated

    Borkonyha (WineKitchen)-Rewarded with Michelin Star in March 2014. -

    Address: Sas utca 3., district V., close to the Basilica
    Tel: (+36 1) 266 0835
    Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12.00 - 24.00, closed on Sundays and holidays
    Website: Borkonyha

    Borkonyha opened only a couple of years ago yet the stable quality in food and service has already earned them a Michelin star early 2014.

    It is one our favorite places for dinner in downtown Budapest because a combination of several things: the laid-back bistro feeling, the attentive (but not overbearing) service, the short, ingenious menu that doesn't take long minutes to peruse and choose from, delicious food from the freshest ingredients. We are delighted that the talented chef, Ákos Sárközy's efforts were rewarded with a star by the French restaurant guide.

    The daily menu is written on a chalk board and includes treats like Spicy ribeye salad (2850 HUF), or Balaton pike perch with zucchini tagliatelle (4150 HUF).
    Not to mention the wide selection of Hungarian wines, many of which are served by the glass (cheapest offer is two roses: 670 HUF/dl, the most expensive is a prime red Konyári Alfa Omega from a winery in Balatonlelle, costs 4600 HUF/dl).
    There's a nice terrace on the street where you can enjoy your food in good weather while people-watching.
    Borkonyha is one of the few places you cannot go wrong with!

  • the rich decor of Onyx

    Onyx Restaurant - $$$$ Got a Michelin Star in 2011

    Address: Vörösmarty tér 7-8. district V. next to the Gerbeaud Cafe & Confectionery
    Tel: (+36 30) 508 0622 Reservation is highly recommended.

    Onyx earned Hungary's second Michelin star after Costes' success in 2010. The restaurant is part of the Gerbeaud complex owning and running the famous cafe.

    It is a fancy place with rich interior decoration, prime food and expert service.

    Their wine offering encompasses the best of the best domestic wines, and a nice selection of high-priced foreign wines and Champagnes .

    You can choose from the two tasting menus consisting of six courses (Hungarian Evolution Menu for 17 500 HUF, Onyx Prestige Menu for 17 500 HUF) or eat a la carte.

    The lunch menu is available from Tuesday till Saturday between 12.00 and 14.30: 2 courses for 3 490 HUF or 3 courses for 3 990 HUF..

  • the terrace of Biarritz Café

    Biarritz Café and Restaurant $$$

    Address: Kossuth tér 18., M2 Kossuth tér station
    Tel: (+36 1) 311 4413

    A small but fine restaurant near the Budapest Parliament. Great French and Hungarian dishes and fresh salads. There are seasonal menus as well as daily offerings. Excellent for business meetings too. Biarritz organizes wine nights every month.
    The wine card offers around 30 wines from the best-known Hungarian wine regions, a few of them is served by the glass.

  • Borssó Bistro inside

    Borssó Bistro $$$ - French-Style Restaurant Cafe in Downtown Budapest

    Address: Királyi Pál utca 14., district V:, M3 (blue) metro Kálvin tér station
    Tel: (+36 1) 7890975
    Open: Mon-Sun: 12.00-23.00

    This charming bistro in the recently refurbished part of the downtown has fresh contemporary cuisine. French specialties along with some traditional Hungarian courses are the highlights of the menu. Daily offer is 950 HUF for two courses and 1 250 HUF for three courses.

    Borssó regularly hosts wine dinners with live jazz music for around 11 900 HUF/person.

  • Egyketto borbisztro's inner patio

    Egykettő Borbisztró $$-$$$

    Address: Károlyi Mihály utca 12., district V.
    Tel: (+36 1) 266 9566
    Open: Mon-Fri: 9.00-24.00, Sat: 17.00-24.00, Sun: closed

    The elegant Ybl Palace houses this unpretentious, trendy wine bar and bistro. Great for a glass of wine or craft beer in the evening or some tasty meal that includes some simple but cretaive dishes.

    Prices are friendly with the main dishes between (1 800 - 3 800 HUF). There's a dessert card offering 6 sweet courses for around 800 - 900 HUF.

    It is also a cafe with an assortment of coffee drinks, teas, shakes and soft drinks.

    The inner courtyard is a nice place to lounge about by a glass of wine. Not the best choice for a romantic dinner, it's a bit too loud for that.

  • Le Bourbon restaurant's interior

    Le Bourbon $$$$ (within the Le Meridien Hotel)

    Address: Erzsébet tér 9-10., M1, M2, M3 Deák Ferenc tér station
    Tel: (+36 1) 429 5770

    A fine French restaurant in a luxury hotel in central Pest. They have special theme nights: Hungarian, pasta, or seafood dishes.

    Professional and courteous staff. They have a nice selection of local wines as well as some French brands.

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  • Café Kör street view

    Café Kör $$-$$$

    Address: Sas utca 17., near the St Stephen's Basilica, M3, Arany János utca station
    Tel: (+36 1) 311 0053
    Open: Mon-Sat: 10.00-22.00
    Website: Cafe Kör

    One of the finest places in Budapest with tasty food and fine wines, as well as excellent service. If you want to taste good local food at affordable price then drop by Cafe Kör.

    It can be quite busy during lunch and dinner time. Portions are quite sizeable. They carry only few Hungarian wines.

    You can pay only in cash.

  • the orange chairs in Osteria Italiana L'Aranceto

    Osteria Italiana L'Aranceto $$-$$$$

    Address: 16th Szabadság tér, near the Parliament
    Tel: (+36 1) 269 3534

    A wonderful Italian eatery in the Parliament neighbourhood that is praise even by tourists from Italy.

    They have a variety of seafood dishes, pastas, risottos, meat dishes and some wonderful desserts.

    The wine is quite good too. Prices are varied. Pastas and risottos cost less while seafood and meat dishes are on the pricier side.

  • inside Nobu Restaurant

    Nobu Restaurant $$$

    Address: Erzsébet tér 7-8., inside Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest
    Tel: (+36 1) 429 424

    Budapest's and Central Europe's first Nobu outlet opened in October 2010 inside the Kempinski Corvinus Hotel.

    The famous Japanese restaurant offers first-class food made from fresh ingredients. Being a high-end restaurant in the heart of Budapest prices are on the high side.

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  • Silenus pub inside from the gallery

    Silenus Restaurant & Pub $$-$$$

      Address: Petőfi Sándor utca 17-19., distrcit V.
      Tel: (+36 20) 999 2211
      Open: from 10.00 till dawn every day (in winter they open at 15.00 on Sundays9

      If you long for cold beer on tap and some decent meal then definitely try Silenus. The menu is quite eclectic with some appetizers, a few soups, pastas, meat dishes a selection of pizzas and burgers. The 3-course daily menu for 990 HUF is good value.

    You can choose from around 140 beers (Belgian, Czech, Irish, Hungarian, and Japanese) many available on tap. There are also many other alcoholic drinks: Rézangyal pálinka, cocktails, spirits, wines, champagne, and cider.

    They organize football nights with special menu when you can follow important matches on several large screen TV-s. The terrace is nice for nursing your beer on a hot summer day.

  • inside Salaam Bombay

    Salaam Bombay - $$$

      Address: Mérleg utca 6., M1, M2, M3 Deák Ferenc tér station
      Tel: (+36 1) 411 1252

      Perhaps the best Indian restaurant in Budapest that shows consistency in the quality of food.

    Combined with the friendly yet brisk service and the warm atmosphere Salaam Bombay is a good choice to sample Indian dishes in the city center.

    Besides meat dishes, a range of vegetarian courses are also offered.

    They have a 12-page wine card with the most popular Hungarian wines listed by wine regions. Some of them are available by the glass.

  • Restaurants in District VI., Terezvaros

    District VI. is packed with restaurants and cafes, especially along Andrássy Avenue and Liszt Ferenc Square.


  • Klassz on Andrassy Avenue

    Klassz - $$$

    Address: Andrássy út 41. trams 4, 6 Oktogon stop
    Open: Mon-Sat: 11.30-23.00, Sun: 11.30-18.00

    A very good-value bistro, restaurant and wine bar on Andrássy avenue next tot he Paris Department Store and near the Opera.

    It can be quite busy during lunch time (unfortunately they don't take reservations). The small terrace is overlooking the classy Andrássy út.

    A good selection of Hungarian wines are available by the glass at reasonable price. Food is good, nothing outstanding but it is great value for your money. The staff is attentive.

  • Cafe Bouchon inside

    Cafe Bouchon $$$

    Address: Zichy Jenő utca 33.
    Tel: (+36 1) 353-4094
    Open: Man-Sat: 9.00-23.00, Sun: closed

    Bouchon is a small French-style cafe and eatery in a side street of the "Pesti Broadway" Nagymező utca.

    The cuisine combines traditional Hungarian dishes with European flavors. Small portions can be ordered, they cost 30% less.

    Relaxing atmosphere, delicious food and kind service awaits diners at Bouchon in Budapest.

  • diners at Ristorante Krizia

    Ristorante Krizia $$$-$$$$

      Address: Mozsár utca 12., M1 Opera station
      Tel: (+36 1) 331 8711
      Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12.00-15.00 and 18.30-24.00, Sun: closed

      Close to Bouchon is another the top Budapest restaurant: Ristorante Krizia a fine Italian place with a good combination of elegant and rustic setting.

    It offers tasty dishes made from fresh and seasonal ingredients. The wine list is quite good too and includes both Italian and local bottles. Atmosphere is much peaceful than you would expect in an Italian eatery.

    They have a business lunch of three courses for 2 600 HUF and a degustation menu for 8 990 HUF.

  • a burger in Ring Cafe

    Ring Cafe & Burger Bar

      Address: Andrássy út 38.., trams 4, 6 or M1 metro Oktogon stop
      Tel: (+36 1)
      331 5790
      More info...

      If you want to have delicious burgers then try Ring Cafe near Oktogon. They offer 18 types of burgers, crunchy golden fries, and fresh salads.

    Price of burger without garnishes is between 1 390-1 890 HUF. Garnishes cost 390 HUF.

    Steaks are from fresh local beef after 10 days of maturation.

    There's also breakfast from 10.00 till 14.00. Burgers are served from 12.00. The choice is ample in non-alcoholic (ice tea, lemonade, shakes, smoothies, soft drinks, coffee), and alcoholic drinks (cocktails, beers, spirits and liqueurs).

  • Karcsi Vendéglo entrance

    Karcsi Vendéglő $-$$

      Address: Jókai utca 20., M3 metro Nyugati pályaudvar, M1 metro or trams 4, 6 Oktogon stop
      Tel: (+36 1) 312 05571
      Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11.30-22.00, Sat: 11.30-16.00, Sun: closed

      Karcsi vendéglő is a modest inn serving hearty Hungarian meals and with homey atmosphere. Daily menu of two choices costs 850-950 HUF. Food is simple and tasty and quite inexpensive.

  • Café Vian in the morning on Liszt Ferenc Square

    Café Vian $$-$$$

      Address: Liszt Ferenc tér 9., trams 4, 6 Oktogon, M1 Opera station
      Tel: (+36 1) 268 1154
      Opening hours: every day: 9.00-01.00

      A trendy place with good food and decent prices. There are two other Cafe Vian outlets: a slightly smaller place at Gozsdu Udvar (address: Király utca 13., "C" udvar) and Petit Cafe Vian in Hercegprímás utca near the Basilica in district V.
      The 2-course lunch menu is quite good and worth the price (990 HUF + dessert for 290 HUF). They also serve breakfast. The spacious terrace provides a great spot for people watching.

  • roast pork knuckle in Haxen Kiraly Pub

    Haxen Király Brewery & Restaurant $$$

    Address: Király utca 100., M1 Király utca station
    Tel: (+36 1) 351 6793

    A Bavarian restaurant with delicious meat dishes and draught (Paulaner) and bottled beer .

    Try the crunchy but still juicy roasted csülök (pork knuckle) or the roasted goose leg with braised red cabbage and prunes. Portions are large, prices are friendly.

  • interior of Menza Restaurant

    Menza Restaurant $$

    Address: Liszt Ferenc tér 2., trams 4, 6, M1 metro Oktogon stop
    Tel: (+36 1) 413 1482
    Website: Menza Étterem

    A retro-style place evoking the ambience of the '80ies and '90ies in Budapest. The quality of food tends to vary but it is good at most times and definitely on the cheaper side.

    Traditional local dishes dominate the menu.

    The wine list is quite short but there is a wide selection of cocktails and spirits.

  • Kogart Restaurant inside

    Kogart Restaurant & Cafe $$$

    Address: Andrássy út 112, M1 Bajza utca station
    Tel: (+36 1) 354 3830

    A fine restaurant housed in an elegant villa a on Andrássy avenue.

    Serves mainly international dishes. There are separate,s short menu cards for lunch and dinner.

    Jazz nights and art exhibitions make Kogart a perfect place for entertainment and dining. More than 100 wines are offered including the KOGART labelled wine of the house.



    Top Restaurants in District VII.


  • Bock Bistro's window

    Bock Bistro $$$

      Address: Erzsébet körút 43-49 (within the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal), trams 4, 6 Király utca
      Tel: (+36 1) 321 0340

      Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12.00-24.00

      Bock Bistro is definitely one of the best wine restaurants in Budapest named after the renowned Hungarian wine producer József Bock. It was one of those few places that many expected to receive a Michelin star.


    We really enjoyed the wide selection of appetizers, snacks similar to Spanish tapas: tasty bacons and salamis that we washed down with splendid red Hungarian wine.

    The wine list is extensive and apart from the owner's 20 or so offerings, wines by many other producers (from Villány, Szekszárd, Eger, Tokaj, Neszmély, Somló, Balaton regions) are available (quite a few of them by the glass).

      The good thing is with Bock Bistro that you can just sit there sipping a glass of wine and nibble some appetizers with it, of course they offer more substantial meals too.

      Read reviews on Bock Bistro at TripAdvisor

  • writing the menu on a black board Olimpia restaurant

    Olimpia Étterem $$$

    Address: Alpár utca 5., district VII.
    Tel: (+36 1) 321 2805
    Open: Mon-Fri: 12.00-15.00 and 19.00-22.00, Sat: 19.00-22.00, closed on Sundays and holidays

    Olimpia is a rather new place that quickly became very popular both among locals and tourists. Situated in a small cellar-like place, Olimpia's new approach to restaurant menu attracts many guests.

    There's no menu, instead the chef creates a several-course meal from seasonal ingredients every day. The daily offerings are written on a large black board with white chalk. They have some unique wines, two of them served by the glass.

    The lunch menu includes two-three courses and is available from 12.00 till 15.00 every day (prices: two-course menu 1 850 HUF, three-course-menu: 2 050 HUF: main dish only: 1 500 HUF).
    Dinner menu (reservation is a must): 4 courses: 5 700 HUF, 5 courses: 7 000 HUF, 6 courses: 7 800 HUF, 7 courses: 8 300 HUF

  • tables in Koleves

    Kőleves (stone soup) Vendéglő $$

    Address: Kazinczy utca 41., M2 Blaha Lujza tér station
    Tel: (+36 1) 322 1011
    Website: Kőleves

    An inexpensive inn offering tasty Hungarian meals in Kazinczy Street in the former Jewish district. A nice selection of meatless are also on the menu.

    You can choose from around 20 wines most of which can be ordered by the glass.

    Generous portions, kind staff, friendly prices.


  • Márgál Restaurant at night

    Márgál Restaurant $$$

    Address: Király utca 53.,
    Tel: (+36 1) 789 9807

    The former Ráspy resturant is known for its innovative cuisine and artisan wines that you can taste in the underground cellar.

    The menu is quite short complemented with a some weekly offerings written on a board.

    Fresh, seasonal and local ingredients provide the basis for traditional Hungarian cooking in Márgál.

  • the counter of Montenegrói Gurman

    Montenegrói Gurman $-$$

    Address: Rákóczi út 54., near Blaha Lujza tér
    Tel: (+36 1) 782 0806

    An inexpensive place specializing in simple, tasty Balkan food like Pljeskavica, Csevapcsicsa, or Ustipak. There's a choice of two portion sizes.

  • the lamp lit interior of Osteria Fausto's

    Osteria Fausto's - $$$$- Recommended by Michelin

      Address: Dohány utca 5., M2 Astoria station
      Tel: (+36 1) 269 6806

      Open: Mon-Sat: 12.00-23.00, Sun: closed

      A first-class and a bit expensive Italian restaurant in Budapest (they have another place called simply Fausto at 2., Székely Mihály utca, district VI).

    You can choose from both Italian and Hungarian wines to go with your meal.

    Take your partner here if you want to impress her/him and have a memorable romantic dinner.

  • entrance of Kádár étkezde

    Kádár Étkezde $

    Address: Klauzál tér 9., trams 4, 6 Király utca
    Tel: (+36 1) 321 3622

    A small, good value self-service restaurant in the old Jewish quarter.

    The cuisine is non-kosher traditional Hungarian. Kádár is very popular with locals so prepare for crowd during lunch time and to share the table with others. Menu is only in Hungarian, only cash is accepted.


  • Restaurants in District VIII.


  • the rustic interior of Fulemule

    Fülemüle $$$ - $$$$

    Address: Kőfaragó utca 5.
    Tel: (+36 1) 266 7947
    Opening hours: Sun-Thurs: 12.00-22.00, Fri-Sat: 12.00-23.00

    A homey Hungarian/Jewish restaurant for those who like hearty food.

    Cholents made with home-smoked meat, roasted goose leg with potato latkes, steak and 3-4 fish and vegetarian dishes, traditional Hungarian desserts.

  • Múzeum Cafe & Restaurant

    Múzeum Cafe & Restaurant - $$$$

      Address: Múzeum krt. 12.
      Tel: (+36 1) 267 0375
      Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12.00-24.00, Sun: closed

      The historic restaurant a few steps from the Hungarian National Museum specializes in traditional Hungarian cuisine.

    The spacious terrace is a nice spot to watch life on busy Múzeum körút.

    The interior features some great art work: a Venetian mirror, hand-carved wood paneling, Zsolnay tiles, painted ceiling by Karoly Lotz.

    The wine list is impressive featuring well-known bottles and some rarities from Hungary. Around 8 wines are available by the glass.

  • Wiener schnietzel in Bécsiszelet

    Bécsiszelet Vendéglő $$

    Address: József krt. 63, trams 4, 6
    Tel: (+36 1) 318 4934
    Open: Tue-Sat: 12.00-23.00, Sun-Mon: 12.00-22.00

    A good-value unpretentious eatery along Grand Boulevard.

    The house specialty is the Wiener Schnitzel but a wide range of other meat dishes are on the menu too.

  • Restaurants District IX.

    The partially pedestrian Ráday utca in district IX. is lined with trendy cafés and restaurants. In summer you can enjoy your meal at the terraces

    terraced cafes in Raday Street

  • Costes

    Costes $$$ - Hungary's 1st Michelin Star Restaurant

      Address: Ráday utca 4.
      Tel: (+36 1) 219 0696
      Website: Costes

      Costes represents Parisian bistro atmosphere and serves international dishes. It was the first Hungarian restaurant that received a Michelin star (in 2010).

    If you want to splurge on eating out and enjoy gourmet food during your stay in Budapest then Costes is a good choice.

    You can choose from three tasting menus (a 5-course Discovery Menu for 18 000 HUF without wine, an 8-course Grand Menu: 26 000 HUF without wine, and a 5-course Vegetarian Menu: 15 000 HUF without wine) or eat a la carte.

  • entrance of Pata Negra Tapas Bar

    Pata Negra Tapas Bar $$

      Address: Kálvin tér 8., M3 Kálvin tér station
      Tel: (+36 1) 215 5616

      An authentic Spanish tapas bar in the heart of Budapest. More than 40 kinds of tapas, including vegetarian and seafood are offered along with an nice selection of Spanish wines and sherry. They have recently opened a new bar in Buda in Frankel Leo utca. There's even food for those who are sensitive to gluten and milk.


  • Other Restaurants in District IX.


  • having a meal in Borbirosag

    Borbíróság Restaurant $$$

      Address: Vámház körút, next to the Great Market Hall
      Tel: (+36 1) 219 0902

      One of our favourite restaurants in Budapest. In Borbíróság you can have traditional Hungarian fare and taste around 100 great Hungarian wines by the glass.
      Prices: Soups: 750-1 250 HUF, main dishes: 2 250-4 250 HUF. Lunch menu (between 12.00-17.00 every day): 1 850 which includes a glass of drink of your choice (wine, beer, soft drinks)

  • Best Restaurants in City Park

  • Gundel $$$

      Address: Állatkerti körút 2., M1 Hősök tere station
      Tel: (+36 1) 321 3550

      Perhaps the best known restaurant by foreigners. Elegant and expensive place next to the Budapest Zoo in the City Park.



  • Bagolyvar inside

    Bagolyvár (Owl's Castle) $$

      If Gundel is too expensive for you, taste Hungarian home-style cooking in Bagolyvár next door.

      Address: Állatkerti körút 3., M1 Hősök tere station
      Tel: (+ 36 1) 468 3110

  • Robinson Restaurant at City park lake

    Robinson Restaurant $$

      Address: City Park lake, M1 Hősök tere station
      Tel: (+ 36 1) 422 0222

      An ideal place for romantic, candle-lit dinner on an island on the City Park lake.


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