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In Budapest cinemas foreign language films are subtitled (feliratos in Hungarian), so tourists can enjoy the latest blockbusters with the original soundtrack.
Films arrive in Budapest cinemas early, sometimes before Western European cities.

Some very popular films are dubbed (szinkronizált) so it’s always good to check in Exit or in Pesti Est free magazines whether the film you want to watch is subtitled before you buy the ticket.

A handful of modern multiplexes with Dolby sound system and wild screens attract Hollywood movie lovers. Budapest caters for art film fans too with a good variety of art cinemas.

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Tickets to Budapest Cinemas

Advanced booking is available at every place.

Most Budapest cinemas have websites where you can book your ticket online and collect your ticket at the cinema’s cashier desk at least half an hour before the movie starts.

Tickets prices vary between 750-1 500 HUF depending on which day and which part of the day (morning/afternoon/evening) you want to go.

Finding your seat: the number of your seat (szék), the row (sor) and the side of the theatre (bal=left, jobb= right) you’ll be sitting are indicated. If few people want to watch the film, you can seat closer or farther from the screen or where you see a free seat.

Don’t forget to get a bucket of popcorn, and coke or other snacks at the buffet.


corvin cinema inside

Corvin Budapest Filmpalota

Address: Corvin köz 1., district VIII., trams 4, 6 Ferenc krt. stop, M3 metro Corvin negyed station
Ticket information: (+36 1) 459 5050, Film info: (+36 1) 459 5059

Historic cinema, witnessed fierce fightings during the 1956 revolution. Today Corvin is one of the most pleasant Budapest cinemas equipped with modern sound and projection techniques.


VIP room in Cinema Arena PlazaCinema City Arena

Address: Kerepesi út 9., district VIII., M2 (red) metro, Keleti pályaudvar stop,

from there by walk or take a bus (No. 178, No. 95) or trolley (No. 80)


main hall of Cinema in AlleeCinema City Allee

Address: Október 23. utca 8-10, district XI., trams 4, 6, 18, 19, 41, 47, 49, 61, buses: 53, 86, 150, 150E, 212, 25



cashier in Cinema Mom Park

MOM Park Cinema City

Plays original-language movies
Address: Alkotás utca 53., MOM Park shopping center, district XII. trams 59, 61
Ticket information: (+36 1) 999 6161
Web: Cinema City MOM Park


Cinema in WestEnd MallWestEnd Cinema City

Address: Váci út 1-3., district VI., near Nyugati Train Station, trams 4-6, M3 metro Nyugati tér station
Ticket info: (+36 1) 999 6161
Web: Cinema City West End



Mammut Cinema City

Address: Lövőház utca 2-6., district II., trams 4-6 Széna tér stop
Ticket information: (+36 1) 999 6161
Web: Cinema City Mammut


Campona Cinema City

Address: Nagytétényi út 37-45., district XXII., bus 3 to Nagytétény
Tel: (+36 1) 999 6161
Web: Cinema City Campona


Duna Plaza Cinema City

Address: Váci út 178., district XIII. , M3 metro Gyöngyösi utca station
Tel: (+36 1) 467 4267
Web: Cinema City Duna Plaza


Lurdy Ház Cinema

Address: Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14., tram 4-6 or tram 1 Mester utca stop
Tel: (+36 1) 467 4267
Web: Lurdy Ház Cinema


Pólus Center Hollywood Multiplex

Address: Szentmihályi út 131 district XV., Bus 173 to final stop
Tel: (+36 1) 467 4267
Web: Pólus Center Cinema



Address: Rákóczi út 21., VIII. district, bus 7, trams 49, 47 M2 metro Astoria station
Ticket information: (+36 1) 486 3400

Beautiful, historic cinema built in Venetian and Moorish style with 1930s cinema atmosphere. Before and after the WWII Uránia housed various premiers, film reviews and social events.

TIP: there’s an artisan ice cream parlor, Levendula, next to the cinema with delicious gelato and handmade bonbons, hot chocolate in winter. Nice to pop in before or after watching  a movie.

Art Cinemas in Budapest – Movie Theatres with Laid-Back Atmosphere

Budapest has some lovely art cinemas with colourful art movie offer. Hungarian film production has started to resurrect in recent years and more and more youn directors produce films that fill up the movie theatres.

The most significant film festival Magyar Filmszemle introduces new films every February.

Bem Mozi

Address:Margit krt. 5/b., district II., trams 4-6 Margit utca stop
Tel:(+36 1) 316 8708

Odeon Lloyd Cinema

Address: Hollán Erno utca 7, Budapest 1136, district XIII.

Kino Mozi – Closed

Address: Szent István körút 16., Budapest 1137, district XIII.


Address: Balassi Bálint út 15-17., district V., trams 4-6 Margaret Bridge, tram 2 Jászai Mari tér terminus
Tel: 269-0904

Európa Mozi

Address: Rákóczi út 82. district VII., bus 7 Berzsenyi utca stop
Tel: (+36 1) 322-5419


Address: Erzsébet krt. 26., district VII., trams 4-6 Wesselényi utca stop
Tel:(+36 1) 321-7580

Művész Mozi

Address: Teréz krt. 30., district VI., trams 4-6 Király utca stop
Tel: 332-6726
Web: Muvész Mozi


Address: Erzsébet krt. 39., district VII., trams 4-6 Wesselényi utca stop
Tel:(+36 1) 342-2167

Puskin Cinema

Address: Kossuth Lajos utca 18., V. district M2 metro Astoria station
Tel: (+36 1) 429-60-80
Web: Puskin Art Cinema

Toldi Art Cinema

Address: Bajcsi-Zsilinszky út 36-38., district V,. M3 metro Arany János utca station
Tel: (+36 1) 472-039
Web: Toldi Art Cinema

Vörösmarty Mozi

Address: Üllői út 4., district VIII., M3 metro Kálvin tér station
Tel: (+36 1) 317-4542

TIP: The Titanic International Film Festival takes place every April at several cinemas in the city.
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