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Budapest Hop-on Hop-Off Tours - Convenient Bus Sightseeing in Budapest

The Hop On Hop Off tours offer you practical and convenient city sightseeing toursby bus showing you the most famous Budapest's sights. From The air-conditioned, cool double deckers you can see and learn about the city's most important historical and cultural monuments.




Guiding is provided through headphones where you can select from several languages to listen to the guide.

No matter what's the weather, like you'll be sitting comfortably in the specially designed sightseeing bus and enjoying the city's panorama. In nice warm weather the bus is open-air, while in bad weather you're protected from the cold and rain in the closed vehicle.

You can hop on and hop off at any stop you like.


Details and Booking of the Hop on Hop Off Bus Tours

Each Hop On Hop Off city tour lasts approx. 2 hours, you can hop on and join the tour or get off at any of the stops.

The first tour, the 1. Big Bus Tour, covers 23 stops with guiding provied in any of 23 languages.

The second tour's ticket is valid for 48 hours (2. Budapest Circle Sightseeing Tour) and includes 9 stops. The third tour's for 24 hours (3. Budapest City Hop on Hop Off Tour) so you can join the sightseeing when it's most suitable for you during the 1-day period.


1. Big Bus Tour - 23 Stops, 23 Languages

This one of the longest hop on off hop off tours that includes all the famous landmarks, attractions in our capital city. Tickets are valid for 24 hours - you can get off the bus at any time then join the tour again at a stop most convenient for you whenever you feel like during the day.

Languages: Hungarian, English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese (Brazilian) Czech, Romanian, Croatian, Dutch and Norwegian.

The professional audio guiding will summarize you the important points of Budapest's history and introduces the most notable sights and monuments.

Tickets: 27.76 EUR

Stops and Timetable:


1st Bus Departure At
And then Every
Last Bus Departs At
1. Heroes' Square
30 Minutes
2. Oktogon
30 Minutes
3. Károly körút
30 Minutes
4. Great Synagogue
30 Minutes
5. Astoria
30 Minutes
6. Deák F. Square
30 Minutes
7. Chain Bridge
30 Minutes
8. Petőfi S. Square
30 Minutes
9. Gellért Hill-Citadel
30 Minutes
10. Gellért Baths
30 Minutes
11. Clark Adam Square
30 Minutes
12. Castle
30 Minutes
13. Clark Adam Square
30 Minutes
14. Batthyány Square
30 Minutes
15. Margaret bridge
30 Minutes
16. Nyugati Train Station
30 Minutes
17. Báthory Street
30 Minutes
18. Basilica
30 Minutes
19. Deák F. Square
30 Minutes
20. Andrássy Avenue
30 Minutes
21. Opera House
30 Minutes
22. Oktogon
30 Minutes
23. Heroes' Square
30 Minutes


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2. Budapest Circle Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Tour - 9 Stops

a red Hop on Hop off Sightseeing Bus

This Hop On Hop off Budapest Tour includes 9 stops: you can join the sightseeing or leave at any stop you want.
Your ticket will be valid for 48 hours.

Huge discounts (20-60 %) on admission to recommended places of interest at every stop (museums, thermal baths and restaurants).


Show moreReserve your Hop On Hop Off Budapest Sightseeing Tour online!

The audio guide is provided in the following languages:

  • English,
  • Chinese,
  • Dutch,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Hebrew,
  • Hungarian,
  • Italian,
  • Japanese,
  • Russian,
  • Spanish,
  • Swedish


  • 6. Apr 31. Oct: 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30 (every day of every week)

  • 6. Apr, 31. Oct: 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30 (every day of every week).

21.45 EUR / 6 000 HUF

Itinerary (9 stops):

1. Start: Erzsébet square

Sights: Downtown Budapest, St Stephen's Basilica

bus sightseeing tour Erzsebet square


  • National Lutheran Museum, (BONUS – 60% off the entrance fee),

  • Doll Museum (BONUS - 50% discount),

  • McDonald's (Budapest Sightseeing menu),

  • La Porta di Taormina Restaurant - ristorante and pizzeria at 6., Pesti Barnabás utca, district V. (BONUS - 20% discount),

  • 1 cup of hot chocolate,

  • Twice 1-hour river cruise in the daytime and at night,
  • Budapest Memento Park (BONUS - 1.500 HUF discount),

  • Half-day excursion to Szentendre BONUS - 50% discount),

  • Sightseeing tour by night on Land and Water (BONUS - 1.000 HUF discount),

  • Walking tour

2. Stop: Liszt Ferenc Square

Sights: Academy of Music, Budapest's  " Broadway" (Theaters)

2nd stop Liszt Ferenc square near Andrassy avenue

Bonuses: Opera House (BONUS – 600 HUF off the entrance fee), Cafe Miro (BONUS - 20% discount), Al Basha Arabian Restaurant at 9. Liszt Ferenc Square (BONUS - 20% discount).

3.Stop: Heroes' Square,  Art Gallery

Sights: Museum of Fine Arts, Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

Heroes' Square 3rd stop


4. Stop: Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Sights: City Park, Amusement Park, Hungarian Circus

Bonus: Széchenyi Spa ( BONUS - 500 HUF discount ).

Széchenyi Thermal bath in City Park

5. Stop: Central Synagogue in Dohány Street

Sights: Jewish Museum, Jewish Ghetto

Bonuses:  Carmel Kosher restaurant at 31. Kazinczy utca, VII. district (BONUS – 20% off your food bill ), Rent a bike (BONUS - 20% discount).

Great Synagogue in Dohany utca


6. Stop: Gellért Hill

Sights: Panorama from the Citadel

Bonuses: Restaurant Citadel (BONUS – 20% off your bill ), Citadel Museums - Bunkers -Waxworks ( BONUS - 50% discount ), Gellért Spa ( BONUS - 500 HUF discount ).

Gellert Hill-5th Stop

7. Stop: Funicular, Clark Adam Square

Sights: Royal Palace,  Hungarian National Gallery, Sándor Palace - residence of the President of the Republic of Hungary

Clark Adam Square Buda-7th stop


8. Stop: Castle district

Sights: Fishermen’s Bastion, Matthias Church, Hotel Hilton

Bonuses: Hospital in the Rock ( BONUS - 1.000 HUF discount ), Cafe Miro (BONUS – 20% off your bill ), Jam Pub ( BONUS - 20% off your bill ).

Fishermen's bastion in Buda Castle


9. Stop: Parliament

Sights: Hungarian Parliament, Museum of Ethnography

Bonuses: Museum of Ethnography (BONUS – 200 HUF off the entrance fee ), The First Strudel House of Pest- Első Pesti Rétesház ( BONUS - 20% discount ).

Parliament of Hungary


Ticket Reservation:


3. Budapest City Hop On Hop Off Tour - 14 Stops

a double decker hop on hop off bus

See all the wonderful landmarks of Budapest with this chic red double-decker and other specially designed sightseeing buses.

Your ticket is valid for 24 hours from the time of your first departure; you may hop off and hop back on the buses at any stop and whenever it suits you during the 24-hour period.


2014. April through October:
10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00.

Price: 16.06 EUR / 4 500 HUF/adult, children for up to 12: 14.30 EUR / 4 000 HUF



  • English,
  • German,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Italian,
  • Portuguese,
  • Greek,
  • Finnish,
  • Swedish,
  • Dutch,
  • Russian,
  • Arabic,
  • Japanese,
  • Korean,
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian.


Show moreReserve your City Hop On Hop Off Budapest Tour online.

Itieneary (14 stops):


Stop #1 József Nádor tér:

The tour starts in downtown Budapest, near most major hotels near the river Danube.

Jozsef Nador Square


Stop#2 Dohány Street Synagogue:

The second largest Synagogue in the world, in the heart of the Jewish District of Budapest.
Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Garden-Heroes' Temple


Stop#3 Madách tér:

Across from Városház tér and Deák tér, on Károly Boulevard.

Madách Square in district VII.


Stop#4 Erzsébet tér:

Right across from the Le Meridien and Kempinski hotels.

Erzsebet Square


Stop #5 Andrássy út:

At the beginning of Andrássy Avenue, near St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Andrassy avenue-St Stephen's Basilica


Stop#6 Liszt Ferenc tér / Oktogon:

A busy intersection, with plenty of youthful restaurants, cafés and many people.

Liszt Ferenc Square


Stop #7 (Heroes’ Square / City Park):

Hungary’s biggest square, complete with historical statues and famous museums. In the vicinity, the Budapest Zoo, the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, the Gundel restaurant, the Vajdahunyad Castle and many more attractions await visitors.

Heroes' Square-Millennium Monument


Stop #8 Keleti Railway Station / Hungaria Hotel:

The stop is located near Keleti Railway Station.

Keleti Train Station


Stop # 9 Astoria:

In downtown Pest, near the National Museum and the Synagogue.

Hotel Astoria


Stop #10 Chain Bridge / Funicular:

On the Buda side, at the Buda bridgehead of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, underneath the Castle Hill.

Chain Bridge


Stop #11 Castle Hill / Dísz tér:

On the Castle Hill, within walking distance from the Fishermen’s Bastion, Matthias Church, the Buda Castle and many other historical sights.

Buda castle: Royal Palace


Stop #12 Citadel-Gellért Hill:

The highest point of downtown Budapest, with breathtaking views of the city and its river.

Gellert Hill, Citadel fortress


Stop #13 Váci utca – Március 15. tér:

The stop is in downtown Pest, right at the main pedestrian shopping street, Váci utca, and a few minutes away from the biggest market hall in Budapest.

Váci Street in the city centre

Stop # 14 Parliament Building:

The Parliament is Budapest’s most revered building in the government district.

Budapest Parliament


Ticket Reservation:


Our love of Budapest reflected on these pages since June/2005.

my family

Hopefully you keep returning and find more and more things to adore in our city!

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