Budapest Maps

Get Familiar With the City Layout

As you can see on our Budapest Maps it’s a well-layed-out city, you can’t get lost.

Actually you can explore two cities in one, because Budapest is made up of Buda and Pest, with the Danube flowing between them along a stretch of 28 kilometers.

The two previously independent cities were united with Óbuda in 1873, establishing Budapest.

Hilly Buda lies on the western bank of the Danube and it’s mostly a residential area. Pest stands on a plain and it’s more businesslike with its shops and boulevards.

Pest makes up roughly two-thirds of whole Budapest. You can walk between the two connected, but still very different parts of the city on magnificent bridges. The most famous is the Chain Bridge.

The Danube, and the bridges spanning it, are the best reference points to find your way around in Budapest.

Budapest Bridges

  • Árpád Bridge (Árpád-híd)
  • Margaret Bridge (Margit-híd)
  • Chain Bridge (Lánchíd
  • Erzsébet Bridge (Erzsébet-híd)
  • Liberty Bridge (Szabadság-híd)
  • Petőfi Bridge (Petőfi-híd)
  • Rákóczi Bridge (formerly Lágymányos Bridge)

Three Main Islands Surrounded by the Danube

  • Margitsziget (Margaret Island): It’s ideal for leisurely walks. You can get there either via the Margaret Bridge or Árpád Bridge.
  • Óbudai-sziget: home to the Sziget Festival every August.
  • Csepel-sziget: district XXI. is here. One of the major factories of heavy industry operated in this district in the communist era.

In Pest there are three semicircular roads (called körút = ringroad), the following two are interesting for tourists. You’ll find the major places of interests, attractions along them.

Budapest Map Showing the 23 Districts

Budapest has 23 municipal districts, they are marked by Roman numerals (I.-XXIII.).

About two-thirds of the city is Pest, the rest is Buda (I., II., III., XI., XIII., XXII. districts). Central districts have lower numbers (e.g. I., II.), see below the blue circle on our Budapest map.
The outer districts have higher numbers (e.g. XXI., XXII.).

the 23 districts on map
I.Castle District, Tabán, southern Víziváros, KrisztinavárosXIII.Angyalföld
II.Rózsadomb, Hűvösvölgy, northern VízivárosXIV.Zugló, City Park (Városliget)
V.Downtown Budapest (Belváros , Lipótváros)XVII.Rákoskeresztúr
XI.Gellért Hill XXIII.Soroksár

Find out more about Budapest Districts!

Budapest City Map

This is an overview map of downtown Budapest that helps you to get familiar with the inner city’s layout.


Top Budapest Attractions

a red Sightseeing Bus

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Many attractions at one place and beautiful vista of the town
The Citadella and the Statue of Liberty and stunning panorama
Magnificent Bridges above the graceful Danube
The third largest Parliament in Europe
Granidose Monuments on one of Budapest’s most spacious squares.
The largest Roman Catholic church in Budapest
One of the architectural gems in Budapest
The second largest synagogue in the world, great architecture.
10. Famous Streets and Avenues
Budapest Zoo, Amusement Park, Lake for boating and ice-skating
Andrássy Avenue, Váci Street, Danube Promenade
11. Western Railway Station

Gerbeaud Cafe

Western Railway Station (Nyugati Pályaudvar) is Budapest’s oldest station
A legendary coffee house in dontown Budapest.

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Budapest Thermal Baths

Kiraly Baths octagonal pool

Budapest is rich in healing thermal springs that fed several historic thermal complexes:

Budapest Metro Map

Budapest is easy to explore on foot. Most of the major places of interest fall within a relatively small central area.

Nevertheless you might get tired after walking several hours ,or a sudden summer shower can discourage you from further walking. Budapest has an extensive and efficient public transport system.

Read more about Budapest Public Transport and other ways to Travel in Budapest.

Here is more information on Budapest Metro System.

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