Budapest Metro

4 Lines Connecting Buda and Pest

The city currently has 4 metro lines. The new line, M4/green line started operation in spring 2014.

travellers at the Keleti train station getting in the metro cars

The Budapest metro system is easy to use and you can get to anywhere in the city fairly quickly.

Provided there’s no maintenance or some emergency situation.

Small fires are quite frequent on M3/blue line  in recent years due to which the line has to cease operation for a couple of hours.

The three main lines, M1, M2, M3 converge at Deák tér station in the city centre.

Here can change for any of the two other lines or continue your travel by bus, tram or since it is downtown Budapest you can conveniently explore the area by walk.

Tickets/Passes for the Metro:

a purple metro transfer ticket sample
Metro Transfer Ticket

You have to validate a single ticket (350 HUF) at orange automated machines before you descend the escalator to the metro train.

If you change lines at Deák tér you have to validate another ticket, unless you have a metro transfer ticket (530 HUF).

With a Budapest card, 24-hour, or 7 day travel card you can travel on all 4 metro lines/change lines or change for other public transportation unlimited number of times within the validity period of the pass/card.

TIP: Free Travel with the City Card

With a Budapest card you can travel on the city’s public transport services free of charge.

The card also entitles you to discount admission to a wide range off sights and attractions in Budapest (museums, baths, monuments etc.).

For a 2-3 day or longer visit it’s worth buying.

You have a choice to purchase a 24-hour, a 48-hour,  a 72-hour, a 96-hour and a 120-hour Card

There is also a 72-Hour Card for Children 6 – 18 years old.

Buy the Card Online

M1 or Millennium Underground (yellow line)


  • Vörösmarty tér
  • Deák Ferenc tér
  • Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út
  • Opera
  • Oktogon
  • Kodály körönd
  • Bajza utca
  • Hősök tere
  • Széchenyi Fürdő
  • Mexikói út
guests on the terrace of Gerbaud cafe
The Yellow signpost of the Millennium Underground istation in front of Gerbeaud Cafe

The Millennium Underground (M1, yellow line) runs between Vörösmarty tér (Budapest’s city center) and Mexikói út, connecting the city centre with Budapest City Park.

Built at the end of the 19th century M1 was the first underground electric train line on the European Continent (the second in the world after London).

Most station entrances and the notices on the walls are copies of the originals.

In the 1970s trains were replaced by modern ones.

Unfortunately you won’t find yellow M1 signs.

Look for signs saying “földalatti” (underground in English), like the one right in front of the Gerbeaud Confectionery on Vörösmarty tér.

Do take a ride on this historic line that is and enjoy the unique 19th-century atmosphere!

M2 (Red Line)

Déli pályaudvar (Southern Railway Station) – Örs vezér tér


(Look for red M2 signs!)

  • Déli Pályaudvar
  • Széll Kálmán tér
  • Batthyány tér
  • Kossuth Lajos tér
  • Deák Ferenc tér
  • Astoria
  • Blaha Lujza tér
  • Keleti Pályaudvar
  • Puskás Ferenc Stadion
  • Pillangó utca
  • Örs vezér tere

The Eastern Railway Station (Keleti Pályaudvar) is also on this line. Kossuth Lajos Square where the Parliament stands is also on this line.

M3 (Blue Line)

Note: M3 metro is under construction so please check the BKK website (Public Transport Company of Budapest) for up to date information on schedule and replacement bus services.

Újpest városközpont (northern part of the city, district IV.)- Kőbánya, Kispest (industrial district)


(Look for blue M3 signs!):

  • Újpest városközpont
  • Újpest várokapu
  • Gyöngyösi utca
  • Árpád híd
  • Dózsa György út
  • Lehel tér
  • Nyugati pályaudvar
  • Arany János utca
  • Deák Ferenc tér
  • Ferenciek tere
  • Kálvin tér
  • Újpest városközpont
  • Újpest várokapu
  • Gyöngyösi utca
  • Árpád híd
  • Dózsa György út
  • Lehel tér
  • Nyugati pályaudvar
  • Arany János utca
  • Deák Ferenc tér
  • Ferenciek tere
  • Kálvin tér
  • Corvin-negyed
  • Klinikák
  • Nagyvárad tér
  • Népliget
  • Ecseri út
  • Pöttyös utca
  • Határ út
  • Kőbánya-Kispest

The Western Railway Station (Nyugati Pályaudvar) is on this line.

Bus 200E line connects Liszt Ferenc Airport with Kőbánya-Kipest termini, an economic way to get to the centre from the airport.

M4 (Green Line)

Keleti Railway Station (Keleti Pályaudvar) – Kelenföld Railway Station (Kelenföld Pályaudvar)


(Look for green M4 signs!):

  • Keleti Pályaudvar
  • II. János Pál pápa tér
  • Rákóczi tér
  • Kálvin tér
  • Fővám tér
  • Szent Gellért tér
  • Móricz Zsigmond körtér
  • Újbuda központ
  • Bikás park
  • Kelenföldi pályaudvar
station of the 4. metro line at Szent Gellért tér

The 4th subway line started carrying passengers at 28. March 2014 after the successful test runs.

The 7,3 km long new line connects two main train stations

  • Kelenföld in West Buda and
  • Keleti Station in the eastern part of the city centre) with interchange points to the other two metro lines and above-ground travel services

The line crosses the Danube at Gellért tér station.

are the two main attractions here), next comes Fővám tér, where you can get off to the Great Market Hall (Nagyvásárcsarnok).

The state-of-the-art metro trains run completely on autopilot.

The 10 stations are also new attractions in the city with unique, 21-st century architecture including a bit of Budapest or Hungary trivia in the design and decor.

See more on M4 metro on the official website.

Metro Tickets:

  • Single ticket, 350 HUF – valid on metro, bus, tram, trolleybus, cogwheel tram, on the whole length of the line for one uninterrupted trip. On suburban railway (HÉV) it is valid within the administrative boundaries of Budapest.
  • Transfer ticket, 530 HUF – if you need to change lines or use tram, bus, trolley or other public transport service. Read more about it here.
  • Short section metro ticket for up to 3 stops, 300 HUF – valid only on the 4 metro lines for up to 3 stops on a single line (no change for another line is included).[

See more information on public transport ticket and other transport services in Budapest.

Metro Map with the New M4 Line (Green)

Budapest Metro Map

See metro timetables at the Budapest Public Transport Company’s (BKK) website.