Budapest Nightclub Reviews

Places to Avoid – Submitted By Travellers

Browse the following reviews on Budapest Nightclubs submitted by travellers. Learn from their stories to avoid getting in similar situations. Budapest is fanatastic city with exciting nightlife.

The choice in good bars, pubs, and clubs is wide so doy our research well before going out to enjoy nightlife in Budapest.

Old Man’s Pub

by Damian Parker
This place seemed fine at first as we were given a table in the corner and offered 3 beers.We gladly accepted.

A while later the same barman came back and again offered 3 beers. We accepted again. He then proceeded to offer us 3 shots with our beers.

We said no at first then decided to go ahead with them as he made out as if they were complimentary.

When we recieved the bill for 6 beers and 3 shots it was over 8 300 huf’s. We were flabergasted but had to pay as we were threatened with trouble. We learnt never to accept table service and always se what you are paying for.

Mercy Club

by kees

Mercy Club & Lounge, Dohány utca 88., VII. district: A very bad time. Very big “security” and larger bills. For 6 beers we were forced to pay 300.000 HUF‘s. Advice: don’t go there. The place is operated by 100% criminals.

JET – striptease bar

by Rahul Chopra
(Budapest, Hungary)

We were scammed for 18000 HUF per person plus they said if we buy the girls champagne we would get a private dance per person for free.

We neither got the free dance and we got a bill of 200 thousand HUF for five people. The owners threatened us with bodily harm and we were forced to pay. Do not ever go to JET.

Madame Pompadour, Vaci utca

by the krusader

Whatever you do ,you must STAY away from this place altogether.

It is a hostess bar and if you enter you will have trouble leaving unless you pay an extremely high bill.

There will be a girl on the door trying to get you in, saying that it is a strip club and that you only need to buy one drink. But once you are in you are surrounded by several girls and before you know what is happening several bottles of champagne are placed on the table.

You are then treated to a short lapdance, and questioning by the girls as to where your hotel is. What you dont realise at the time is that as soon as you have entered the club the doors are locked and you are trapped.

The atmosphere soon turns nasty if you refuse to say where you are staying and then you are presented with the bill which runs into the hundreds of thousands. At this point you are threatened if you refuse to pay.

If you dont have the cash you are marched to the nearest cashpoint and made to withdraw the said amount which goes up if you argue with the doormen.

There is also a money exchange shop on the corner which you must not use at any cost, as you will be robbed of every penny you have. These guys are armed and it is made crystal clear that if you do not pay up you will either be seriously hurt or will be made to disappear.
Do NOT go into MADAME POMPADOUR CLUB on Vaci Utca.

Tips if you do find yourself in one of these places and are stuck:

  • Do NOT go into any money Exchange shops even if they have the Western Union signs, you will lose every penny you have.
  • Do NOT argue about the price as it will just go up and up.
  • Do NOT mention what hotel/hostel you are staying in,pretend that you know where it is, say it is on the other side of the city and that you cant remember the name of it.

Good Budapets Nighclubs To go To

by Joe
(United States)

There are many experiences posted on this site that are negative. I have been living in Budapest for 5 years and a native of New York City.

My personal advice is to stay away from ANY places where women undress and stick to ruin pubs such as Szimpla Kert on Kazinczy Utca or Apa Cuka on Horanszki Utca.

There are also places to go on Nagymező Utca in Budapest, district VI.. During the summer there is Kertem (literally means my garden). It’s filled with chairs and tables but located outside in the Varosliget area.

Great music, good looking people, and no cover, best of all, no threatening goons.

These negative experiences should not diminish all the other good places to go to as there are many.

If you would like some help in finding where to go, ask someone random off the street, and don’t let someone you don’t trust steer you into a place. If the girls look too good then they probably are too good to be true.

There are plenty of web sites to help you out. Have a great time! As for all you stag party goers, please remember you are ambassadors for your country. Have fun but don’t disrespect! Remember no titty bars!

Captain Jack’s Hooah Club

by Nick Franklin
(Ewa Beach, Hawaii)

Did I have a good time…I left with a tshirt and hat if that means anything.

As a repeat offender, I have no idea how much money I spent there, but how can you complain about a gentlemen’s club in a quiet neighborhood where scantily clad women greet you with a beer on the house at the door, accommodate you with a lounge, pool table, showroom, tattoo artist, and very friendly company all under one roof at affordable prices?

Not to mention free pickup at your hotel and a free ride wherever in town you want to go afterwards. That is the type of business we can only dream about in the US.

Vörös Pipacs (Red Poppy) Bar

The Red Poppy, near Erzsébet körút (Wesselenyi utca 43.) is a place totaly made to rip off tourist!

They get you in with free entry and a ‘free’ drink, this drink will cost you 5 000 HUF because the first one you must pay, then for 2hours free beers (wich is also not true!)

But before you know, you have a girl dancing in front of your nose and on your lap. A she directly orders a drink wich cost you 45.000 HUF, WITHOUT you saying anything or ordering!!

And don’t even think on leaving without paying because you didn’t order anything! they have a serious bouncer who will remind you off your bill…

Vaci Utca Budapest – Latin Dancing Bar with External Lift

by The Boys from


We were approached by two chicks in the square at 1 am. They, like us, wanted another drink. We went to this strange bar at their request and suspected a scam but only wanted one drink – the bill came to £180.

We got the bill after the first round. We could possibly have run out of the fire exit if we’d been more organised but the two heavies on the lift made exit impossible to go back down the elevator.


  • Don’t speak to birds who approach you!
  • Don’t speak to guys that approach you!
  • Don’t go up the elevator to the bar!

If you do, make sure you always find an escape route via the fire exits (usually covered by personnel) and try and plan a decoy by setting of a fire alarm or starting a fire on your table so that you can get out without paying.

Remember, a small fire in their establishment is probably more concerning to them than losing your custom.

Vaci Utca 16 (Outside elevator)

by Morten

The setup of this scheming:

Pretty but normal looking girls contact you on the street, and they choose a restaurant to visit.
Vaci Utca 16 (Outside elevator)

You might get some druggs in your drink, and when the – much too expensive – bill arrives, you’re not able to rationalize.

A normal prize for the serving should be 30.000 HUF (3. persons) but instead you’re charged 170.000 HUF.

And they are very pushy about getting the money.

Don’t go there!!!

Tacky red decor, up an elevator in Váci utca to get to it.

If two girls are very chatty and friendly, and invite you to a pub that has a VERY tacky red decor, that you will likely take an elevator up to, RUN!!!!

RUN some more!!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING… or let the girls order anything….

I’m serious, it’s a major scam… You will have a most unpleasant experience that involves intimidation and LOTS of cash… Save yourself the trouble… These girls are NOT nice… Though they certainly act it..

Vaci utca, elevator up to a Latino bar

Two tourist girls from Croatia asked me for the way on a place near Váci utca. They pretended to have lost their map on the metro and wanted to go to a place in Regi posta utca.

I showed them the way on my map and they asked me if I would like to join them. They were nice and unsuspicious so I joined. At some place we entered an elevator and arrived in a Latino bar. After some Palinka and nice chatting, the waitress brought the bill of 90.000 HUF, 30.000 for each of us.

The girls pretended to be as surprised as I and said they don’t have the money, only Croatian money. The waitress didn’t accept Croatian money, though.

I didn’t have the money either, so the two girls eventually (pretended to?) payed their part in Croatian money. Now I was the only one left to pay. The waitress threatened to call the police and made me show my wallet, hand me over all the Forint I had in there and wanted me to take out my bank card.

Luckily I didn’t have any card with me. Then the bar keeper came to note down data from my passport.

I was allowed to leave in company of the two girls to get to my nearby holiday appartment (they waited outside the house) to fetch the money in Euros. I came back with the money in Euros and was able to pay the remainding amount of my part. The bar keeper suddenly turned very friendly and let me go, ripping apart the note with my passport data in front of my eyes.

The two girls were still sticking to me. They said they used up all their money for paying their part of the bill, and need money for a taxi to their hotel somewhere in Buda. They were not friendly anymore and told me I was ugly and selfish because of not giving money for a taxi for the girls who helped (?) me out of the trouble in the bar.

I wanted to get out of this situation finally, so I gave them 10 EUR, but this wasn’t enough. After playing stubborn for a while I finally gave them an additional 1000 HUF and they finally let go.

Jolly Rogers

by darren
(South Arica)

Not so Jolly. The girl outside tells you its free and you may leave anytime. I bought 1 drink then 2 girls came and asked to dance for me. I said no thanks.

Next the goons came and told me I must buy the girls a drink, not a choice I had really. He came backs with 2 bottles of wine.

From there things got worse. They demanded 160 000 HUF, and again it was made clear to me this is what I was going to pay. 2 guys walked me to a cash machine to get the cash.

Zöld Pardon

A must for concerts. A great place to bring a date to hang out and break the ice.

I saw Jamie Winchester there a few months ago, and it was spectacular. Not the best place to hang out all night though. A concert at Zöld Pardon, a bite to eat, then out to have some real fun at a club.

Marilyn Night Club

(Baross Street 4., Kálvin tér, M3 metro Budapest)

by Urs

Whenever I am in Budapest I go to the Marilyn Night Club (Kalvin Ter/Baross utca). It’s one of the few clubs in Budapest where you really have fair prices, and where you are not forced to drink more than you want and where you do not have to pay drinks to girls in the first minutes; this allows you to talk to one ore the other girl first to check, if you really want to spend the evening with her.

Most of them speak quite well English, and are very open so that conversation gets interesting.

No entrance-fee, beer for 1 000, lady’s-drink from 7 000, table dance 7 000, lap-dance 12 000 forint (and the girls get half of all for their own, wich is quite fair, too).

Before midnight there are only a few customers, afterwards – especially on fridays – it can be crowded.
There are quite many girls, nice and beautiful for all tastes, half of them are ready for more than dance (not in the club itself).

Sin City Nightclub

I went into Sin City Nightclub on a Saturday night, for a late drink, but I didn’t realise it was a stripclub, I had ordered a bottle of Heineken, a girl sat next to me offering lap dance or sex, I declined both and asked for the bill which was 75 000 HUF (approx 300 euro), I asked why it was so expensive and refused to pay.

Then two rather big bouncers came to me and ordered me to the bank machine, as a student I was lucky my acc was empty. But this did not satisfy the manager who was with us all the time, I made a run for it down a street, a white Mercedes taxi approached me, I thought thank god he’ll get me out of here, he got out of the taxi and grabbed me and held on to me until the manager caught up with me.

They then brought me back to the club, at this point i didn’t know what was going to happen. But luckily a group of tourists were approaching walking the street and I started shouting out to them as to what was going on, I was then able to run away without a struggle.

I have been living in Budapest for a year now, and have never had any trouble like this before, any nightclub I’ve been to, I’ve had a good safe time, no one trying to extort money from me, but this nightclub Sin City gives not just the clubs of Budapest a bad name but the city of Budapest itself. I’m sure I was lucky to get away without losing any money to them, but how many other foreigners don’t.

If you are thinking of visiting Budapest, you will have a great time, but do not go to this club.

Club Kiraly

by Dede
(Brussels, Belgium)

Correct place and friendly ladies. Of course, they push to have “private”. If after a while you do not pay any more ladies drink, the lady leaves you, but this is the game.

Price of the drinks somewhat expensive, but it is worthwhile to chat and flirt a little bit with the ladies. No ripp off at all. All prices are communicated.

Hallo Bar

The best Club I have been to. Nice girls no pressure to get your money. You feel comfortable and safe, and the drink charges are reasonable.

No cover charge unlike Royal Palace, which was very disappointing and very expensive. I would recommend Hallo Club anytime. Norm Belfast

Hallo Bar

by Alex Daland

We where 6 guys in Budapest to party in the summer 2008. Unfortunately we where ripped off a strip bar called Excalibur.

So we asked the hotel staff to recommend us a different place. They recomended Hello bar, and we had a great time.

No unnecessary pressure about buying drinks or lapdances, all the girls where very polite and the rest of the staff the same.
Would recommend this to everybody.

Jet Nightclub

Akácfa Utca, Budapest, District VII.

by Rob
(Shropshire, England.)

We were totally ripped off and physically threatened at this place!!!

I was in a group of 5 friends when walking back to our hotel on our last night in Budapest. We were approached by a man from the club who invited us to come for a drink in the club.

We asked him how much the beer costs in there and he said “normal price”. So we went inside for one last beer.

We had 1 bottle of Heineken each. On the price list it stated 1,800 HUF per bottle. When we finished our drinks we took our money(10,000huf in total) to the bar. It was then that one of the bouncers presented us with a bill for 100,000 HUF !!!!

When we challenged him he said that the bill was 20,000 HUF PER PERSON!!, and you drink as much as you like. Nothing about this was said to us when we entered the place.

One of our party walked outside saying we were not paying, then the bouncer started threatening us saying that one of us will have to go to the ATM to get the money, and someone would escort him.

By this time the friend that went outside was also being threatened and 2 cars full of men turned up outside and started pushing him around and shouting at him in Hungarian!!

Luckily one of our group had enough money in his bank to pay the bill or who knows what would have happened??

Steer very clear of this place and definitely take the “Black List” with you to Budapest!!!

Flashdance in Váci Utca

by Ben

They’re pulling the blue drink scam, charging you a shit load for a couple of drinks and if you don’t pay up, they send their goons to shake you down for the money. Avoid this place at all costs. This is a front for an organized crime syndicate. I got robbed of over $1,000.

Aphrodite Akropolis Club

by Dave

I am a 29 year old British tourist and highly-respected Publicist who recently visited Budapest on Tuesday 08 July and was robbed/extorted/threatened but the guys at Aphrodite Akropolis Club in Budapest.

After leaving London and arriving by plane into Budapest on 08th July with my friend, we checked into a hostel around 1pm, spent the day looking around the city before having a meal at one of the many restaurants in the main strip.

We then decided to go and get a few drinks and stumbled upon a club called the Aphrodite Akropolis Club,
Address: Kecskeméti utca 17. V. district.

We noticed that it was a strip club, but decided to pass – however, on walking past the club, one of the doormen ask us to come in. We said that we wanted to find somewhere to watch some live music – not poledancers. He said that they had some live bands playing after 10pm in the club and that we could wait and have a cheap beer before the music started.

So we walked in tentatively, and then noticed that the place was completely empty, other than 3 bouncers and around 8-9 girls.

At this point, we turned round to go out saying ‘thanks but no thanks’, but the door was shut behind us and guarded by a very intimidating bouncer. They then told us that we had to buy a drink, so we said we’d have a beer then leave. At that point, 2 girls jumped on our laps and began asking us for a private dance and whether we would like to buy them a drink.

I flatly refused and so did my friend but a round of drinks were still bought to our table by the management and the girls wouldn’t get off our laps despite our refusals. There were also three or four very large bouncers standing over us so we were, to be frank, helpless – especially seeing as the door to the club had been locked. We remained calm.

After maybe 15-20 minutes of sitting there shell-shocked, and with no live music taking place as we were originally told, they presented us with a bill of around 380,000 HUF which equates to a staggering £1,290.

We flatly refused to pay the bill and said we would only pay for a beer each and then leave. We were then told that if we didn’t pay the full amount they wouldn’t let us leave the club alive, threatened to put a corkscrew through my head and also told me that my penis would be chopped off.

At this point, we were terrified but I said I would go to an ATM to take out the money as they wouldn’t accept cards. So they told my friend to stay in the club while I walked with one of the bouncers and one of the girls to a series of ATM’s where I was told to withdraw all of my money.

I tried 4 separate ATM’s but my card wasn’t accepted so we went back to the club. At this stage, my friend said he had some cash back in our hostel and was prepared to give it to them if they would let us go. So this time I waited in the club while he was taken back to where we were staying by the same bouncer. While in the hostel, he was told that if we didn’t pay the full amount, I would be killed and thrown into the River Danube but he told them on several occasions that he had no card and only cash to see him through our whole trip – which was the truth.

He had around £350 in Hungarian money that upon return to the club, he gave to the venue manager. We were then told that we still had to pay the remaining amount and at this stage they were getting very angry and the treats of death and hurt continued. We were stunned, angry and scared for our lives as we didn’t have enough to cover the bill they demanded we pay.

They then told me to go to a Western Union to take out my money as my cards weren’t working at the various ATM’s in the city, so they again made my friend wait in the club while they bundled me into a car with one of the bouncers, guys who worked the door and girl and they took me into central Budapest.

Upon arrival, I was told to leave the car and then to hand over my card to the girl behind the counter at the Western Union which I did. At this point, another 4 or 5 guys arrived at the Western Union and surrounded me, demanding I take out all of the money on my card – this will be evident on any CCTV footage outside the Western Union. None of the passers-by on the street did anything and I was scared to make a huge fuss or run away as my friend was still back in the club and may have been in huge trouble should I have tried anything risky.

At this stage the threats got worst and I was told that if I didn’t take it all out, my friend in the club would be killed and so would I. So rather than face more threats and possible death, I took all of the money out in cash and gave it to him. He then agreed to forget the further outstanding balance and they took me back to the club. Upon arrival, I was told to hand over the cash to the owner who then flatly told us to ‘Leave’ which we did.

We then went back to our hostel shocked and humiliated – and above all, very angry and demoralised. We called up our families and friends and told them what had happened and they told us to report the incident to the British Embassy in Budapest and NOT the police who we feared would dismiss the incident as being our own fault. By now, it was 3am, we were shocked and extremely tired and after trying the British Embassy maybe 5 or 6 times, nobody answered. We were now completely broke and really worried about the rest of our trip.

De Place Club

by Crhis

This place is a must go. You’ll love it, just like we did! We met good service and a good selection of beers and spirits. We went on Friday first, found ourself at a Salsa Party, then next day we had fun at a Retro Disco! De Place Club has a warm and friendly atmosphere!

Eden Striptease Bar

by Wim Kronenburg
(Statenlaan 26 Den Haag Nederland)

Avoid the stripclubs in Budapest !

I just recently returned from a trip to Budapest. I and 4 friends from the Netherlands, were walking on a busy street at 23.30 PM.

We approached some people to ask for a nice bar, since it was too early for a Club or Disco.

Two girls advised a bar just steps away from the center and we walked all together to this recommended bar which seemed, instead of a regular bar, to be a Striptease Bar called “ EDEN” We thought it would be harmless to check it out with the five of us and it might be fun for one drink….How stupid…

This place EDEN looked cheaply decorated and we were the only people there, besides about 6 strip girls, most weren’ so nice looking , so we didn’t even pay any attention to them.

After a while 3 of these “girls” came over to sit with us.
We sat down and had ordered 5 beers and 2 glasses of white wine, for our “ guides” who recommended this bar, but the pushy waiter/bouncer also brought 5 shooters we didn’t order.

It appeared as if it was a complementary drink of the house…how naïve! Instead of the glasses of wine the waiter came back with 2 medium bottles of Hungarian Tokaji wine.

I asked him, “How much are drinks”, since I realize the nature of these businesses and I wanted to pay right away, but he gave me a look of contempt and walked away.

One of my friends ordered an other round of beers, but we received 5 beers and 3 more medium bottles of wine. A few minutes later out of the blue he brought 5 Red Bull for the ladies.
I turned to my friend who was the more conservative of us and he said we should probably leave and ask for the check now. I walked to the waiter at the bar/counter and asked for the bill.

The bill comes and it is something like 332.000,- HUF which is something like EURO 1.400,- !!! This for a 30 minute visit. I called my friends, since I wasn’t sure if my eyes had let me down, but my friend’s eyes popped out of his head and he couldn’t believe it.
I reminded him that I wanted to know how much drinks cost prior, but as you can imagine he had 3 drink lists with all different prices.
At this point I knew we were in a jam, because he called with his phone and suddenly, there were at least 5 large bouncers there, the door was locked and we were just waiting for him to pull the knife or the gun.
Without getting into further details, many Strip Clubs in Budapest are traps!

We were pissed off that night, but I hate to imagine what would have happened if we could not have come up with the extra funds.

This place EDEN systematically rip’s off tourists, because they did this so well organized. Basically we were robbed, threatened and held hostage by some Hungarian criminals.
Check the site of the American Embassy in Hungary:

Victims of personal crimes, such while in Hungary are strongly encouraged to report all such incidents to the police. The Hungarian National Tourist Office has a special, 24-hour telephone number for tourists who become the victim of personal crime while in Hungary.

Personnel with foreign language capability, including English, are on duty seven days a week to give advice on how to file a police report and to help to find the nearest police station. This telephone number is: 438-8080.

There is a Tourinform office that provides service in English and in German and is located in one of Budapest’s busiest tourist areas: Sütõ u. 2., 1052 Budapest, open daily 8 – 20. Tourist police service is also available during the opening hours.

Dokk Club

by S & O

We were told to go onto this island (Hajógyári Sziget, Óbuda, district III.)where is 3 discos, Studio, Pink and DokkClub. We went there, sober and acting nicely. The Studio was closed, pink seemed empty and DokkClub was the one people were going in – so we went there too.

On the door they said first that one mans outfit did not fit in there. OK, so he took the player-shirt off, after which it was ok, although with “well..ummm..ok this time”.

Then, they searched all our jacket pockets, without saying why – we supposed it was for guns and and similar stuff, which is normal sometimes.

They found an energy drink from one of us, and took it away. It is clear that we cannot drink our own stuff at the bar but hey, it was in jacket and would have gone to lockeroom with jacket. but no, it was taken off and put to table with no questions asked or instructions given.

Overall, the responses were very rude. Then when we had enough shit there (about 10 minutes was enough) we decided to leave. When going out we kindly asked that energy drink they took – it was a long walk ahead for us.

With no answer we were just pushed out roughly. As however it was a drink we had purchased, we lined up again to ask for that drink – it was not expensive and only a energydrink can but still – it was our property and bought and taken along for a purpose (to drink after the evening or before). But we simply got rude “it is already destroyed”.

All in all, they really don’t like tourists there at the club island. They have their rules, about which they do not tell you about, they just put big guys to ripp you off with no explanations or possibilities given. We advice to avoid this dokkclub if possible – might be ok club for locals, but if you are tourist, not good..


by nicolas

DON T GO THERE. It’s a maffia club. They change the menu and are a fee drink charge of 18.000 forint. It’s written in very tiny on the menu.

Nobody can see that. The staff are violent. We stayed one hour, drank 2 beers and offered 2 glass of wine to girls. We went out with a bill of…180.000 forint in all.

We refused to pay but menaced us by violence and call police (mafia police off course). We didn’t have the money of course and escorted us by 3 man to an ATM. They insulted us.


by R.O.

My buddy was invited to Galaxia by two girls last year. I am not sure whether this place is still open. They wanted him to pay 25.000 HUF for two small beers.

He paid the bill, because he had the money, but it was really emberassing…so guys avoid this place. I cannot remember the adress, but the name is noticeable..

Royal Palace Night Club

As I had read only good things about Royal Palace, I and two of my colleagues decided not to omit this place in any way while we were staying Budapest in September.

There is printable coupon on their website, and written that it is worth 50€. We were quite sceptical about this, however, on a nothing ventured, nothing gained basis we printed it.

We called the number on the coupon from the hotel, and asked them to give us a lift as it was written that the bonus was only valid if we were taken to the club by their taxi service. We only understood later what the point about this was.

The situation is that the taxi drivers’ mafia in Budapest takes naïve tourists to the worst places where they are deceived – and naturally taxi drivers get their shares from this.

So they sent their own car and I can guarantee that everything happened as it was written in advance. The taxi and the admission were free, and the coupon was enough for quite a few drinks. I asked the manager how it was worth for them in this way.

He answered this way they usually have a full house, and they are the most frequented club in Budapest, and if guests are provided with high quality service, furthermore given a bit of pocket money by the club, they will stay and spend money with pleasure.

The same happened to me, I felt really good, and spent many times more than the received 50 € until morning, however, I can assure everyone that it was worth:)

Boutiq’bar – District VI., Budapest

by Eszter

Newly opened venue in the VI.district. They held a speakeasy party last weekend. Special cocktails from the turn of the century, lots of swing and jazz, had great time with friends!

Would recommend Boutiq’bar to anyone, who are keen on having perfect cocktails!
Address: Paulay Ede u. 5., V. district, Budapest

Moulin Rouge

by Adrian

I found the club music it’s self very good and the general atmosphere good.

But, when purchashing drinks the bill was always different and the change was never right, even though the same drink was ordered everytime, I did call the manageress over to explain this, but I was the confronted by the manageress and by the door security where I rightly asked why this was.

I was then told not to say anything or I would be asked to leave, but with the help of the door staff, little did they know I was in the company of the US Marines.

I would just like to say thank you to my friends for being there or things may have gone the wrong way.


X Play

on main Boulevard= do NOT go here. Total ripoff, run by the mob.

Bring you a very large bill and tell U that you must pay it. When U refuse, they tell U that U will have a lot of trouble.(Seemed like threats with bodily harm.) This is not
a joke- I was in fear of my life.– “X Play” is controlled by organized crime.
Please , please do not jeopordize your safety, by going there.


by Greg&Dotty

Clean, safe, fun, exciting, not too young. Very nice ambiance. Very upscale. Would highly recommend. SEPT 2010

Jerney Bistro Budapest

by Chas

Address: 1051 Budapest, Vigadó tér 3.

Overzealous waitress trying to push expensive drinks on us immediately after sitting down.

After ordering our meals she insisted we order a salad (which we did) then before we even finished the salad, she asked if we wanted another one.

Upon finishing we asked for the bill and noticed they double charged us for the drinks. When we pointed this out to our waitress she ignored us and another waitress explained how Hungarians know about the false price list and then said a cool “sorry”.

Not exactly a gunpoint robbery, but a warning to any tourists.