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Christmas Light Tram in Budapest

Take a ride on one of the festively decorated light trams in Budapest during the Christmas-New Year season.

tram 47 decked out in strings of white LED light, the Chain bridge in the background at night
Christmas Tram at the Chain Bridge in Buda

The special trams services decorated with a string of 40 thousand LED lights operate for the 7th time in 2017.

They are an essential part of the holiday season in Budapest this year between 01. December 2017 – 04. January 2018.

You can also travel on Santa’s Trolleybus this season, on various routes till 23. December (see details below).

Note: The light trams and Santa’s Trolleybus don’t run on 24. December and 31. December.

Christmas Light Trams in 2017

Tram 2 (Közvágóhíd – Jászai Mari tér)

the light tram in front of the Parliament at the blue hour
Tram 2 at the Parliament

The best-known Christmas tram line is tram No. 2 travelling along the Danube bank in Pest between Közvágóhíd and Jászai Mari tér (near the Parliament) stations.

It is one of the most beautiful tram routes in the world offering an amazing view of the World Heritage listed sights along the river.

You can travel on the festive heritage line covered in nearly 40 000 LED lights between 01. December 2017 – 04. January 2018 after 17.00 on the following days (except 24. and 31. December),

  • December 01., 04., 05., 11., 12., 18., 19., 25., 26.
  • January 2018: 01., 02.

Tram 2 is the most popular Christmas service due to its spectacular route along the river bank in the Pest side.

You can see

  • most of the bridges,
  • the Gellért Hill,
  • the Whale,
  • the impressive Parliament building.

Route of Tram 2: Közvágóhíd – Müpa/National Theatre – Boráros tér – Zsil utca – Fővám tér/Great Market Hall – Március 15- Square – Vigadó tér – Eötvös tér – Széchenyi tér/Chain bridge – Kossuth Square – Parliament/Visitor Centre – Jászai Mari tér

Other Festive Trams in 2017

Holiday trams run after 17.00 on the days listed below.

Tram 19

Route of tram 19: Kelenföld Train Station (M4 metro) – Bécsi út/Vörösvári út in Óbuda

  • December 06., 07., 13., 14., 20., 21., 27., 28.
  • January 2018: 03., 04.

Tram 17

Route: Bécsi út/Vörösvári út – Savoya park (Buda)

  • January: 06.

Tram 41

Route: Bécsi út/Vörösvári út – Kamaraerdei Ifjúsági Park

  • December: 02./Saturday

Tram 42

Route: Határ út M – Kispest, Tulipán utca

  • December: 03., 10.

Tram 49

Route of tram 49: Kelenföld Train Station (M4 metro) – Deák Ferenc tér

  • December: 08., 15., 22., 29.
  • January 2018: 05.

Tram 47

Route: Városház tér/Buda – Deák Ferenc tér/Pest)

tram 47 with the festive lights on the green Liberty Bridge at nightThis service operates along a scenic route from Buda to Pest city centre.

  • The Christmas tram will run on 30. December.

Travelling on tram 47 you can admire the

Tram 50

Route: Határ út M – Pestszentlőrinc, Béke tér

  • December 03., 10.

Tram 56A

Route of tram 56A: Móricz Zsigmond körtér – Hűvösvölgy

This service operates in the Buda side.

  • 23. December/Saturday

Tram 59

Route: Márton áron tér – Szent János Kórház

  • December: 17.

You can travel on this special trams with normal tickets and passes. TIP: See more on public transport ticket types and prices.

Santa’s Trolleybus

a red trolley bus No. 70 with strings of LEdD lightsBetween 05 and 23. December, the Santa’s Trolleybus will take Santa and his Helpers on board and run on the route of several trolleybus lines.

BKK will also be collecting toys, clothes, books and other gifts to be delivered to the elves at Santa’s Factory.

Regular fares apply.

Schedule of the special trolley services:

Santa’s Trolleybuses run

  • between 17.00 and 20.00 on workdays and
  • between 10.00 – 20.00 on weekends
  • Mondays: trolleybus No. 76  Jászai Mari tér – Keleti Pályaudvar (Keleti Train St.)
  • Tuesdays: trolleybus No. 83: Orzcy tér – Fővám tér
  • Wednesdays: trolleybus No. 70: Kossuth lajos tér(Parliament) – Erzsébet királyné útja aluljáró
  • Thrusdays: trolleybus No. 80A: Keleti Pályaudvar – Csertő utca
  • Fridays: trolleybus No. 72: Arany János utca (M3 station) – Zugló vasútállomás (Hermina út)
  • Weekends: trolleybus No. 75: Jászai mari tér – Puskás Ferenc Stadion


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