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Gourmet Festival in Buda

May 17 - May 20

This year mangalica – the indigenous local pig – specialties and strawberry will be in the focus. Novelty that more children programs await families visiting the festival in 2018.

Good to Know About the Gourmet Festival

people sitting at wooden table on the Gourmet Festival in Millenaris park

Date: 17 – 20. May 2018., Thursday-Sunday – Date is Not Official Yet!

Opening Hours: 17. May/Thursday: 17.00 – 23.00, 18 – 20. May/Frid-Sat-Sun: 12.00 – 23.00

Venue: Millenáris Park, Buda

Getting there: trams 4, 6, M2 metro Széll Kálmán tér stop – cc. 5 minute walk from there. Other trams: 17, 56, 56A, 59, 61, Buses: 5, 16, 16A, 21, 21A, 22, 39, 91, 102, 116, 128, 129, 139, 149, 155, 156,

Entry to the festival area: from Fény utca

Tickets to the Festival

Daily ticket: 3 900 HUF/day, 5-day pass: 7 900 HUF:  includes 

  • a Spiegelau wine glass,
  • The Famous Grouse Whikey Tasting (for the first 500 visitors/day),
  • an Electrolux street food bite,
  • a Szent Tamás Mád Furmint wine sample,
  • a sample of pálinka liqueur by Márton és Lányai
  • a sample of Shrubbie Tokaj wine vinegar-based soft drink specialty
  • Hoegarden, Leffe, Stella Artois or Belle-Vue Kriek beer tatsing
  • a Jamie gastro magazine
  • Magyar Konyha gastro magazine.

Children tickets: free for kids under the age of 14.

Where to Buy Tickets?

  • On the venue – but expect to stand in queue.
  • Akvárium Klub Ticket Office on Erzsébet Square, downtown – Open: Mon – Sat: 11.00 -21.00,
  • BP Shop, Wesselényi utca 24., district VII., Open: Mon -Fri: 11.00 – 20.00, Sat: 11.00 – 18.00, Sun: 11.00 – 16.00
  • Online purchase through the official event website for a 300 HUF handling fee.

Payment at the Festival

You can pay for food, drinks, products with the Festipay Electronic card, or with MasterCard, Maestro contactless bank cards,

Cash is not accepted by any retailer.

You can get your card and add a certain balance (minimum is 2 000 HUF) at any of the Card Top-Up points located in the venue.

You can use cash or credit card (in case of the latter an additional 100 HUF fee is charged).

A 500 HUF deposit will also be charged which you’ll get back upon returning the card at the end of the festival.

You can top-up the card and check the balance on it any time during the festival. You can get the remaining balance  back in cash during the opening hours of the Gourmet Festival.

Why Go?

outdoor restaurants at the lake in Millenaris park on the Gourmet FestThe Gourmet Festival in Buda has become unanimous with the best of Hungarian gastronomy.

International chef stars you can meet include

  • Ana Roš – Hiša Franko, Slovenia, the World’s Best Female Chef in 2017
  • Wojciech Amaro – Atelier Amaro, Warsaw, Poland’s first Michelin star chef
  • Anna Olson Canadian pastry chef known from the Food Network show

Two Ooutstanding Restaurants from Central Europe

  • Taubenkobel with 2 Michelin stars from Austria, Burgenland region, and
  • Fouzoo from Bratislava (Pan-Asian fusion cuisine).

Besides famous Hungarian and international wine producers, artisan cheese makers, gourmet food shops, cafes and restaurants will also offer their delicacies in Millenáris Park for four days in May.

The festival is an excellent opportunity to to taste the finest local food Budapest and other parts of Hungary can offer.

wooden stalls of exhibitors and visitors on the Gourmet Festival in Millenaris ParkYou can meet and chat the best Hungarian chefs and try the food of the best restaurants at one place.

This year game and fish dishes will be in the limelight, prepared in both traditional and modern ways.

Good food is even better washed down with great wines and you’ll have no shortage of fruity roses, fresh whites or heavier reds on the Gourmet Festival.

But if you fancy a mug of chilled beer no problem, look far the pavilion of the Reketye Sörfőzde (owner of the Jónás Craft Beer House in the Whale Shopping & Entertainment Centre), or the Etyeki Sörmanufaktúra, both are new craft breweries in Hungary with some awesome quality brews.

  • chunks of cheese and a half-glass of white wineAward-winning restaurants (Borkonyha, a Michelin star awardee, Costes, Costes Downtown-the newest Michelin-star restaurant of Budapest, Chateau Visz, Rosinante),
  • confectioneries, (Pataki, Zazzi, Auguszt, Desszert.Neked, Gerbeaud),
  • artisan ice cream makers,
  • wineries as well as
  • gourmet shops and
  • cheese specialists (Stelázsi, Sarki Fűszeres, Szega Camembert, Etyek Sonkamester) offer exquisite culinary experience during the 4-day festival.

Who’ll be Present?

The list is not complete only includes the must-try places.

Restaurants, Gourmet Shops & Cafes – Game & Fish Dishes in the Focus

  • Babel – a fine dining place near Március 15. Sqr, in Piarista köz, their aim is a Michelin star and they are certainly not far from getting one.
  • Baricska Csárda from Balatonfüred, Lake Balaton: Hungarian cuisine and wines
  • Anyukám mondta – mum’s cooking on a higher level, one of the best restaurants in Hungary located in a small village Encs in north Hungary, fresh, quality ingredients, homemade goodies, simple flavours.
  • ÉS Bistro – another great hotel restaurant with laid-back atmosphere and Austro-Hungarian dishes, grilled specialties (Kempinski Hotel Corvinus).
  • És Deli: a New-York-style deli also in Kempinski: gourmet coffee and pastries, sandwiches, freshly pressed juices – an excellent breakfast place in the city centre.
  • Salon – and a third hotel restaurant, this one is from the Boscolo Budapest New York Palace, traditional local dishes prepared in inventive way and served creatively.
  • Zona – a gourmet restaurant with wonderful view in Buda, at the foot of the Castle Hill, wide selection (200 bottles) of Hungarian wines. Contemporary Hungarian bistro cuisine with Basque and Asian inspirations.
  • The four Michelin-star places will be present too: BorKonyha, Costes, Onyx, Costes Downtown: received the coveted star in spring 2016, and Tanti from the Buda side: got the star in 2015.

Street Food

Fritú: Located on the ground floor of the downtown food market in Hold Street (Belvárosi Piac) Fritú is a newcomer to the fastly developing Hungarian street food scene.

It specializes in making lángos, the local fast food: round shape yeast based dough deep-fried in vegetable oil. You can have it on its own, maybe spread with some grated garlic and sprinkled with salt, or with cheese or sour cream + cheese topping.

TIP: If you miss Fritú’s lángos on the festival you can get some at any of the food markets, like the Great Market Hall on Fővám Square.

PolaPola: You can find this Balkan fast food bar in the Jewish Quarter, distr. VII., in Klauzál utca. No. 11. and in the Fény Street Market in Buda. PolaPola (means fifty-fifty) is the place to go if you want to have tasty pljeskavica, cevap, with Bosnian flat bread: lepinja, ajvar or Shopska salad. Some great beers on the tap too.

Confectioneries, Cake Shops, bakeries, Chocolatiers

  • Auguszt Confectionery & Coffee House – one of oldest cake shops in Budapest (can be fund at three locations, try the one in Fény utca, Buda close to the Food Market) as well as a historic coffee house:  wide choice of quality cakes, gateaus, biscuits, macarons, pies and pastries.
  • Pataki Confectionery from Érd – known for traditional Hungarian cakes and pastries, their ice cream is also delicious. It’s located in a small town south of the capital so the Gourmet Festival is a good opportunity to sample their offer.
  • the cake counter in Cake Shop, BudapestCake Shop – one of the new-wave confectioneries founded by a young lady a couple of years ago in the city centre, near Erzsébet Square. Lovely cakes, cookies, meringues, brownies, coffee, tea and hot chocolate, ice cream in summer.
  • Gelarto Rosa – one of the top ice cream parlors in the city, known for their rose-shaped gelato and other delicacies. You can find them opposite the Basilica in downtown.
  • Zazzi – French-style tortes and desserts. Zazzi is in Óbuda, district III., at Bécsi út 57-61. but you can taste their sweet delights on the Festival.
  • Gerbeaud – not my favourite though many associate Gerbeaud with quality cakes, good coffee and top-notch service, they’ve become very touristy and overpriced to my taste. You must visit once though, it’s right in the heart of Budapest at Vörösmarty Square, for the classically elegant, historic setting.
  • Á table – a boulangerie at four places in Budapest (in Arany János utca city centre, Wesselényi utca district VII., Retek utca in Buda, Mammut 2 Shopping Centre/Level 3): quality French pastries: croissant, pain au chocolat,  baguettes, pastries: mille feuille, éclair.
  • On the chocolate front you can sample the delicacies of Harrer Chocolat from Sopron town, and Zangio Csokoládé from Budapest (Wesselényi utca 6. district VII., opposite the garden of the Central Synagogue).

Some of the Programs

Cooking shows, workshops, tastings will entertain visitors from Friday to Sunday (there’s no special program on Thursday).

Children Programs, 19 -21. May

Opening Hours of the children programs: 19. May/Thurs: 15.00 – 19.00, 20 -21. May/Sat-Sun: 12.00 – 19.00

A separate spot with playground will be dedicated to kids’ activities:

cooking school

  • baby kitchen for the littlest ones
  • cooking school by Chefparade where they will be making roasted mangalica bites with various dips and strawberry burger with vanilla mousse
  • craft workshops for toddlers, kindergarteners.cooking school

Gourmer Workshops – 1 900 HUF

The Workhops are a great way to learn or improve your cooking or baking skills. 

  • Vegan cooking with Gréta Stőhr (Great Bistro)
  • Coffee and Gastronomy – Discover the base flavours with Ákos Sárközy Michelin-star chef (BorKonyha), 20. May
  • Baking bread with Szabolcs Szabadfi from the Panificio il Basilico bakery  – 21. May
  • Strawberry jam making with Dóra Havas TV chef- 21. May
  • The world of leavened bread, Misi the baker from Jacques Liszt Bakery – 21. May

See detailed program on the organiser’s website.


May 17
May 20