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Pálinka Festival Budapest, Városháza Park

April 30, 2016


Date: 28-30. April 2016., Friday-Saturday-Sunday

Venue: Városháza park, district V., downtown, M1, M2, M3 metros or tram 47, Deák tér station

Opening hours: Thursday: 14.00-24.00, Friday: 14.00-01.00, Saturday: 12.00-01.00

Entry: free

Payment for drinks and food is with the Hellopay electronic card to wich your can top up money with cash or credit/debit card (2 % transaction fee is charged). You can get your Hellopay card at several points in the festival venue for a 500 HUF deposit.

The three-day Pálinka Festival on a small square/park in Budapest’s city centre is an ideal place to try Hungary’s peculiar drink, the pálinka.

This year quince will be the focus of the festival, but you’ll be able to taste and buy the drink prepared from other popular fruits: apricot, pear, plum, cherry etc.

What is Pálinka?

This traditional local alcoholic beverage is a fruit distillate with alcohol content of at least 37.5 % v/v (max. 86 % v/v)

Only spirits made from 100 % fruit or marc – grown/produced in Hungary – and without any artificial additives can be called pálinka according to the law.

You can watch distillation of fruit brandy, sample and buy excellent quality authentic pálinka-s, including the Pálinka of the Year: quince, taste Hungarian food and enjoy folk dance and concerts in the heart of the city.

Pálinka Makers That’ll be Present at the Event:

  • Alexander pálinka
  • The Pálinka of the Year – Quince
  • Békési Pálinkaház
  • Birkás Pálinka
  • Cornus  Pálinkaház
  • Cruxx
  • Csalló Pálinka Manufakture
  • Gusto Pálinka
  • Gyulai Pálinka Manufaktúra
  • Harmatrázó Pálinkaház
  • Keve Manufakture
  • Márton és Lányai
  • Nobilis Pálinka
  • Pálinkashop
  • Panyolai Pálinkák

Food, Other Drinks

Országkonyha – usually makes grilled meats, roast sausage, pork knuckles with various sides.

two kolbice-sKolbice Sausages by Kobe – a local street food favourite: quality and flavourful roast mini sausages (Bavarian, Italian and Hungarian style) served in a cone shape bread with various sauces and toppings (fried onions, braised cabbage, bacon,  cheese sauce). Gluten-free option is available.

Price: the smaller size costs 690 HUF, Classic is 990 HUF, other options usually: 1 090-1 190 HUF.

You can find Kolbice at major festivals, like the Christmas Markets (both on Vörösmarty tér and at the Basilica), the Belgian Beer Festival in Bálna, the Wine Festival in Buda Castle but they’ll have a couple of shops in Budapest: on the food gallery of  the downtown market in Hold Street (Belvárosi Piac).

Bakker – a food truck offering bagels, hamburger, pastries, coffee and other drinks.

Császármorzsa – or Kaiserschmarrn, an Austro-Hungarian dessert, basically baked, shredded pancake served with apricot jam or icing sugar.

Vitézkürtös – Sekler cakes – no festival goes by without at least one Sekler cake maker and the Pálinka Fest is no exception, it’ s great at least the kids have something to nibble while you knock back one shot after the other.

Mangalica és társai – all things from the unique Hungarian pig breed: sausages, salamis, bacon, ham.

Divino Winebár – if you prefer fine local wines over hard drinks.

Caffe Cagliari – Italian-style coffee drinks.

Twist & Chips – fried potatoes in spiral shape.

Sweets made with with Pálinka

More info: event’s website.

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April 30, 2016