Gay, Lesbian, and Bisex Budapest Nightclubs

Most Gay, Lesbian and Budapest Nightclubs ask entry fees or set a minimum consumption level.

At some places you’ll be given a card which all your drinks will be recorded. You have to set the bill when you leave.

Gay and lesbian life has taken new turns in recent years. New gay and lesbian Budapest clubs opened that overtly undertake their style.

Hungarians tend to be more and more tolerant towards gays, and lesbians, but still use your judgement when out partying.

Cafés & Restaurants

Amstel River Café – Restaurant and cafe with good selection of Hungarian cuisine
Address: Budapest V. district, Párizsi str. 6
Tel: +36 1 266 4334
Open: 12:00-24:00 every day

Club 93 – Great restaurant and pizzeria with Italian and Hungarian taste.
Address: Budapest VIII. district, Vas str. 2
Tel: +36 30 630 70 93
Open: 11:00-24:00 every day

Alterego Café – Gay operated, but straight friendly cafe and restaurant for the trendy set.
Address: Budapest V. district, Erzsébet square 1
Tel: +36 20 436 1840
Open: 19:00-24:00 every day, closed on Sunday


Magnum Sauna

The biggest and most popular sauna for gay men in Budapest. Dry sauna, steam bath, cruising area, gloryholes, darkroom and cabins for gay sex. Fitness room, massage and TV room for relax.

Address: Csepreghy street 2 (corner Maria street), district VIII.
Tel: (+36 1) 267 25 32, (+36 30) 439 62 37
Open: Mon-Thu 13.00-24.00, Fri 13.00-04.00, Sat 13.00 to Sun 24.00

Sauna 69

The other bath place in the city – with steam bath, jacuzzi, cabins, gloryholes, darkrooms, massage and TV room.
Address: Angyal street 2, district IX.
Tel: (+36 1) 210 17 51
Open: Sun-Thu 13.00-01.00, Fri 13.00-02.00, Sat 13.00-06.00


Habroló Bar / Funny Carrot

Two bars next to one another. Habroló has a popular Karaoke session on Sunday night..
Address: Szép utca 1., district V., M2 metro Astoria station, close to the Action Bar
Tel:(+36 1) 267 3315
Open: 19.00-04.00 every day

Mystery Bar

The oldest bar and internet café, free wireless internet access fro the guests
Address: Nagysándor József utca 3., district V., M3 Arany János utca station, night bus 914, 950
Tel: (+36 1) 312 1436
Open: Mon-Fri: 16.00-04.00, Sat-Sun: 18.00-04.00
Admission: free

Cafe Fresh and Funny

cafe and bar near Alterego and Eklektika.
Address: Dessewffy str. 30., district VI. near the Octogon
Open: Mon-Thu 20.00-24.00, Fri-Sat 20.00-04.00, closed on Sunday

Bolondora Cafe

Bar and cafe near Nyugati.
Address: Podmaniczky utca 5 district VI.
Open: 12.00-22.00 every day

Cruising Bars

Action Bar

Busy basement bar with back room, video room, rent boys, live show on Friday and strip show on Saturday.
Address: Magyar utca 42., district V., M3 metro Kálvin tér station
Tel: (+36 1) 266 91 48
Open: 21.00-05.00 every day

Coxx Bar

Big cruising bar with a huge „play” area. Men’s bar, gallery and internet café, back room, video room. Every month special theme parties (e.g. military cruising party).
Address: Dohány utca 38, district VII., M2 metro Astoria or Blaha Lujza tér stations
Tel: (+36 1) 3444 884
Open: every day 21.00-04-00, Fri-Sat 21.00-05.00

Dance Clubs

AlterEgo Bar & Lounge

The most popular and trendy bar and dance club for boys. 3 bars, a dance floor and a stage for shows. Showtime 0:15 am.
Address: Dessewffy utca 33, district VI. (near the Octogon)
Tel: (+36 70) 345 43 02
Open: Fri and Sat 10:00-05:00

Adonis Café & Club

5 bars, chippendale shows on Friday and Saturday at 24.00 and 02.00 am
Address: Baross utca 30., district VIII., M3 metro Kálvin tér station
Tel:(+36 30) 913 2994
Open: Mon-Thurs: 15.00-04.00, Fri-Sat: 16.00-06.00

Capella Café

Gay-friendly straight club. Two dance floors and hilarious drag shows – on 3 levels.
Address: Belgrád rakpart 23., on the Danube embankment in Pest, district V., M3 metro Ferenciek tere station
Tel: (+36 70) 597 7755
Open: Wed-Thurs: 22.00-04.00, Fri-Sat: 22.00-06.00



The biggest monthly party in Budapest for gay men and their friends. Vocal house and retro party in different rooms, as well as relaxing lounge fare in a separate area. Drag queen, gogo boys and vocalist.
Address: Budapest, Népliget, Diesel Arena


Monthly party for gays. Vocal house plays on dance floor.
Address: Budapest, Prestige Club, Tölgyfa street 1-3., district II.



High quality fetish and S/M goods.

Address: Maria str. 9, district VIII.
Tel: (+36 30) 956 95 71
Open: Tue – Fri 12.00-20.00, Sat 12.00-17.00

Lesbian Budapest Nightclubs

Café Eklektika

Café and restaurant with secession feeling.
Address: Nagymező utca 30., district VI., M1 metro Opera station
Tel: (+36 1) 266-1226
Open: 12.00-24.00 every day

Club Underground

Small disco with showtime, next at Művész cinema.
Tel: (+36 20) 261 89 99
Open: Fri and Sat 22.00-05.00


Special parties for Lesbian and their friends. Check their site for more information.