Király Bath

Király Fürdő – A Turkish Spa with Fine Architecture

The Király Bath is one of the oldest spas in Budapest the original building constructed in the 16th century when Hungary was under Ottoman rule.

A bit quaint inside: a thorough refubishment (painting the walls, new tiles, showers, cabins) is needed to make it a real attractive bath. The original Turkish part is in a quite good state (or you won’t notice the smaller problems because of the haze of steam).

The charming inner courtyard is packed with university students preparing for their exams.

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84., Fő utca in Buda, district II.

Getting There: tram 4, or 6, Margaret Bridge Budai bridgehead, walk south on Frankel Leo utca, then on Fő utca,

or take M2 (red) metro to Batthyány tér station: the bath is a couple of minutes walk north of the station, tram 19 also stops at Batthyány Square

Tel: (+36 1) 202 3688

Opening Hours:

Every day 09.00 – 21.00 (all days are mixed days, meaning that both women and men can use the bath simultaneously). Cashier closes at 20.00.


Children under 14 years of age are not allowed to use the bath.

kiraly_bath_budapest_outsideTicket prices:

20% discount with Budapest card

  • Morning ticket (includes 1 100 HUF deposit): cabin: 1 600 HUF, locker: 1 300 HUF
  • All-day ticket with cabin use: 2 700 HUF, locker: 2 400 HUF
  • Combined ticket (daily ticket +15 minute massage): 5 000 HUF

Brief History of the Király Bath


Arszlan Pasha ordered to build the bath in 1565 after conquering Buda and Sokoli Mustafa pasha finished the building.

The Turks built the Bath to ensure bathing within the walls of the castle even during a siege, thus it’s far from any hot water spring.

The water comes from the neighbourhood of the Lukács Bath.

The Király Bath gained its current form during its reconstruction in 1796 when the classical wings were added.

You can see the original Ottoman bath under the octagonal roof (visible from outside).

The light beams coming through the hexagonal openings create a colourful haze by breaking on the fine water drops.

In the 18. century public bathhouses were added to the Turkish core. Most apartment, tenement houses weren’t equipped with plumbing and bathroom so people cleaned in the public baths.

Using the Bath


The changing rooms are on the 2nd floor. Then go down the 1st floor to have a shower.

Take your towel with you to cover yourself. The bath is also on the 1st floor, but you’ll encounter the dry sauna first.

You’ll enter the original Turkish bath through a small entrance. Niches surround the octagonal pool under the vault.

In four niches there are benches where you can relax your slackened body after a hot bath. Thick steam swirls above the pools; you can hardly see anything, so don’t plan to read a book or do crosswords.

kiraly bath budapest courtyard

Immerse in the hot water (36 °C), close your eyes and listen to the humming around you, people discussing the latest news in town. The steamy water melts the cramps in your muscles and helps to relax your stressed body and mind. After the bath try the steamy sauna (hamam) in one of the side domes.

Water temperature in the 4 thermal pools ranges between 26-40 °C. The water in the Király bath is rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, containing hydrogen carbonate, sulphate, sodium, and fluoride ions.

Bathing in the healing water of the Király can be used in the therapy of joint diseases, arthritis, spinal deformity, and neuralgia.

Massages and Services:

  • underwater massage with water jet,
  • tub-bath,
  • foot massage,
  • dry and steam sauna including Finnish sauna, and
  • buffet

TIP: The Gellért and the Széchenyi Baths are two other popular spas in Budapest with several indoor and outdoor pools. They’re not as old as the Király or Rudas but boast amazing architecture nonetheless.

Restaurants Nearby

Kacsa Restaurant

Address: Fő utca 75., district II.
Tel: (+36 1) 201 9992

Famous for duck dishes (the name Kacsa means duck).

Mandragóra Cafe

Address: Kacsa utca 22., district II.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 10.00 – 24.00

An inexpensive but friendly place offering daily menu for 1 190 HUF.
Good wines, nice terrace make Mandragóra even more tempting for a nice lunch or diner.

Új Lanzhou Chinese Restaurant

Address: Fő utca 71., district II.

Opening Hours: 11.30-23.00 every day

One of the best Chinese restaurants in Budapest lead by Mr. Wang, and offering a wide array of East Chinese dishes.

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