Christmas Market Tour with Pálinka Tasting

A guided walk tour of two Christmas Markets, combined with Pálinka Museum viist and tasting, hot wine and chimney cake (kürtös kalács).

  • Date & Time: every day at 15.30 till 31. Dec 2019 (except: 24., 25., 26. December).
  • Tour Length: 3 – 4 hours
  • Prices: full price: 40 EUR, students: 37 EUR.


Xmas fair lights on Andrassy Av. and the Basilica at night
Christmas at the Basilica

Budapest has a couple of  Christmas markets during the holiday season the two most popular being the


  • Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square and
  • the Advent Festival at St. Stephen’s Basilica.


Explore these two magical events on a guided tour that also includes a visit to a pálinka distillery where you can of course sample this famous Hungarian liquor as well as kürtös kalács, the iconic local pastry.


What is Pálinka? It is a traditional Hungarian strong alcoholic drink made from fruits.

The fragrant distillate is made from fermented fruit mash.

The most popular flavours are: apricot, plum, cherry, pear.

The alcohol content of pálinka is usually between 40 – 55 %. 


Christmas Market Tour Details


a young blonde woman samlping palinka from a tasting glassDeparture: every day at 15.30 till 31. December 2019 (except: 24., 25., 26. December).


Meeting Place: Pálinka Museum, Kiraly Street 20. Budapest, 1061


Duration: 3 – 4 hours




  • Full price: 40 EUR
  • Students: 37 EUR


Included Are:


3 Chimney cakes in celophane packaging in a wicker basket

  • Guiding in English by a professional guide
  • Pálinka tasting (3 x 2 cl)
  • Sekler cake (chimney cake/kürtös kalács)
  • Hot wine


Note: Please note that in Hungary alcoholic drinks are allowed to served to people who are 18 or older!


Tour Highlights


You will begin your tour at the Pálinka Experience Museum in the heart of the city’s old Jewish Quarter.


Here you can learn about the secrets of pálinka making , view the modern exhibition featuring pálinka facts and history and sample 3 x 2 cl of the special fruit distillate.


After warming up with pálinka you will head for the Christmas market at Vörösmarty Square. Fashion Street (aka Deák Ferenc utca) is also decked out in holiday decor and wooden cottages selling quality handcrafted products.


The winter festival and Christmas fair at Vörösmarty Square has won numerous awards in previous years. It’s one of Europe’s most charming winter holiday fairs.


Delicious food, fine handmade gifts, the alluring scent of Christmas spices, concerts, childreen programs  make the event a must during the holiday season.


As part of the tour you will taste the famous local pastry, the Kürtöskalács/Sekler or Chimney Cake. The aked over coal fire until brown then coated in vanilla sugar, groiund walnut, coconut, or  cocoa.


The Advent Fair & Festival at St. Stephen’s Basilica is Budapest’s other well-known Christmas-themed market.


Wooden stalls occupy the spacious plaza in front of the Basilica offering all sorts of handicraft products, food, cakes and pastries, chocolate, hot wine, beer etc.


You will finish the program with a glass of sweet hot wine.




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A Round-up of Budapest’s Christmas Markets

Christmas Fair & Winter Festival at Vörösmarty Sqr.

Christmas Fair at Budapest Bailica