Gellért Bath

Opening Hours: every day: 06.00 – 20.00 (our Help Desk: every day: 09.00 -18.00).


  • Bath Entry (Cabin Use): 21 EUR
  • Bath Entry + 20 min Aroma Massage: 41 EUR/person
  • Bath Entry + 45-min Royal Thermal Massage: singles: 73 EUR, couples: 138 EUR. See more Options in the Prices* field!

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Since its building in 1918, the Gellért Spa in Buda has been one of the most prestigious thermal baths in Central Europe.


The Gellért is famous for its main hall with gallery and glass roof, built in the Art-Nouveau style, bath and open-air pool with waves.


Colourful Art-Nouveau furnishings, artistic mosaics and sculptures decorate the bath’s interior.


With your E-Ticket you can enter the spa  between 09.00 – 18.00 hours, through our Help-Desk.


You can stay until closing time (till 20.00 every day).


Address: Kelenhegyi út 4., Budapest 1118, district XI.


Opening Hours of the Gellért Bath


  • Every day: 06.00 – 20.00


Special Massages in the Gellért Spa

(price incl. entry ticket + cabin use!)


Massage duration varies between 20 – 60 minutes !


Aroma Massage – 20′ and 45′ Minutes


a massuer (man) massaging a young man, another massuer massaging a young ladySwedish style refreshing full body massage with high-quality, skin-friendly oil that contains bioactive essential oils of herbs and flowers.


It helps to eliminate stress, relax your mind and body.



(includes bath entry):

  • 20-min aroma massage: 41 EUR/person (entry ticket + cabin use + 20-min aroma massage are incl.).
  • 45-min aroma massage: 61 EUR/person (entry ticket + cabin use + 20-min aroma massage are incl.).


The following aromatherapy essential oils are used:


  • yasmine,
  • rose,
  • citrus,
  • vetiver.


Thermal Massage (20′ and 45′)


A Swedish-type treatment to ease the ache in muscles and joints.

The experienced and well-trained massage therapist assesses the condition of your locomotive system then creates a tailor-made treatment plan.


Recommended for those who prefer a more dynamic, energetic massage.

It’s ideal


  • during a period of increased physical activity
  • if you have non-inflammatory joint and muscle pains
  • for regeneration and muscle relaxation




  • 20-min thermal massage: 43 EUR/prs (entry ticket + cabin use are incl.)
  • 45-min thermal massage: 61 EUR/prs (entry ticket + cabin use are incl.)


Royal Thermal Massage – 20′ & 45′ Minutes


Can be booked for couples!


It’s the same as the thermal massage. The masseur thoroughly kneads and massges the body using firm, kneading movements after assessing the problematic areas and creating a tailor-made treatment.


At the end of the massage a the masseur will apply a medicinal cream of 56 herbs to the most painful and streesed body parts.

You will that the tension in your muscles have eased and you will feel renewed after the massage.




  • 20-minute Royal Thermal Massage: single: 48 EUR, couples: 88 EUR, (entry ticket + cabin use are incl.)
  • 45-minute Royal Thermal Massage: single: 73 EUR, couples: 138 EUR, (entry ticket + cabin use are incl.)


TIP: Get your I Love Gellért Spa Package with taxi transfer to the bath, VIP Entry, private changing cabin, and gratis spa gear (towel, swim cap, flip-flops, mineral water, shower gel/shampoo).


Package Deal – 2 Programs for Less

a young woman in red, sand black folk skirt and white blouse dancing, a 3-men band playing in the background


Book a folklore show together with your bath ticket and save some money.


The 2 x 45 minute folk dance performances in Danube Palace offer a glimpse into local cultural heritage while being extremely entertaining.


Tickets in 3 categories based on seating in the theatre hall!


Folklore+Budapest Bath Ticket


TIP: You can buy tickets to the Széchenyi Bath located in the City Park/Városliget. You can combine the Entry ticket with various massages.


Find out more about the history and services in the Gellért Spa.


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After payment you automatically receive your E-Ticket.

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