New Year’s Day Gala Concert

Celebrate the first eve of the New Year on a special concert show at a prestigious location: the Duna Palota/Danube Palace in downtown Budapest, close to the Basilica.

Date & Time: 01. January 2020., 20.00, concert is 90-minute long with a 15 minute break.

Tickets: in 3 price categories based on seating+ a VIP category. Please choose an option!

Meeting Place & Time: Duna Palota, Zrínyi utca 5., Budapest 1051 at 19.30.

TIP: You can also book two programs together: a concert  with a 1.5-hour Danube cruise with dinner (See the Prices drop down menu below!)


Bring the New Year’s flavor closer with a program composition compiled for these special occasion!


Hungary always influenced the European music life more, than it would be expected from such a small country. Unique folklore music traditions gave inspiration to numerous foreign composers visiting Hungary.


With a repertoire covering musical styles such as

  • operetta,
  • gipsy music and
  • Hungarian related classical music, the Danube Symphony Orchestra leads the grandiose concert, in cooperation with professional ballet dancers.


The program includes operetta songs performed by soloists of the world-famous Budapest Operetta Theatre.


Unique elements make the program even more spectacular;

  • traditional Hungarian folk instrument, the cimbalom
  • and Hungarian folk songs adaptation performed by authentic gypsy band.


The 90 minutes long concert  takes place in in one of the city’s most prestigious theatre; teh Duna Palota, in a central downtown location.

There is an intermission between the two 40-45 minute long program parts.


TIP: For a slightly shorter concert with an earlier start please see the New Year Chamber Concert starting at 17.00 on 1st January, 2020., also in the Danube Palace. The chamber concert is cc. 70 minutes long.



Full Prices:

1. category: 40 EUR
2. category: 35 EUR
3. category: 32 EUR
VIP category: 105 EUR
1. cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 90 EUR
2. cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 85 EUR
3. cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 82 EUR
VIP cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 155 EUR


1. category: 38 EUR
2. category: 32 EUR
3. category: 30 EUR
VIP category: 105 EUR
1. cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 88 EUR
2. cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 82 EUR
3. cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 80 EUR
VIP cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 155 EUR


VIP includes (Pick-Up from Hotel: at 18.30):


  • Private transfer,
  • Best seats in the theater,
  • Private host to attend to you before the concert and in the intermission,
  • A guided tour of the venue in English language,
  • A professional photo,
  • Hungarian souvenir, and
  • A glass of sparkling wine.




With Paypal: from your PayPal balance, or using a Bank Card, Credit Card. No need to create a PayPal account!


After payment you automatically receive your E-Ticket/Voucher.

Please present it in print form or on your mobile/tablet to our staff at the meeting place, in the Danube Palace, Zrínyi utca 5. Budapest 1051.


Gala Concert + Danube Cruise with Dinner, 01. January 2020


You can book two programs together at a discount price! Why not add a 1.5 hour night cruise on the Danube with a 4-course buffet dinner to properly celebrate the begginning of 2020?


Price of the Concert + Cruise & Dinner


  • 1. cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 90 EUR, student: 88 EUR
  • 2. cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 85 EUR, student: 82 EUR
  • 3. cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 82 EUR, student: 80 EUR
  • VIP cat. with Dinner & Cruise: 155 EUR


Program of the Concert

Part 1

Hector Berlioz: Rákóczi March
Zoltán Kodály: Intermezzo–from opera Háry János
Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dances No. 5.
Orchestra with cimbalom solo
Béla Bartók: Roumanian Folk Dances
Ferenc Erkel: Palotás – from the opera Hunyadi László
Franz Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.
Orchestra with cimbalom solo
Part 2
Franz Lehár: Eva-Waltz
Ballett Ensemble
Emmerich Kálmán:The Czardas Queen– „Dasist die Liebe”
Franz Lehár: The Merry Widow- Medley

Franz Lehár: The Merry Widow– „Grisetten Lied und Kan-Kan
Ballett Ensemble
The Grigoraş Ionică Dinicu: nightingale
Gypsy Band
A csitári hegyek alatt… (Hungarian Folksong)
Gypsy Band
Vittorio Monti: Czardas
Gypsy Band
Emmerich Kalman: The Devil-rider– Palotás
Orchestra, Ballett Ensemble
Emmerich Kálmán: Countess Mariza– „Komm mit nachVarazdin”
Johann Strauss jr.:Long live the Magyar! Op. 332.
Emmerich Kálmán: Countess Mariza– „Braunes Mädel von der Pussta”
Ballett Ensemble


Did You Know?


The Cimbalom (hammered dulcimer) is a Hungarian folk instrument played primarily with beaters.


It is equipped with a heavy frame for more dynamic power, with many added string courses resulting in an extended range of sound and also a damper pedal to allow more dynamic control.


During the 19th century the cimbalom was considered as the most distinguished musical instrument in Hungary, aristocratic families had their children taught to play the cimbalom instead of the piano.


The first Cimbalom School was opened in 1890. Henceforth plays of the era remained including the cimbalom as a primary instrument in many of them, making it unique and exclusively Hungarian.


‘Virtuosos!’ is a unique format in worldwide television: classical music talent show, where preparedness, diligence and qualifications count.

All contestants are outstanding at playing classical instrument or have remarkable achieveiments in classical singing.



  • Duna Palota  – Danube Palace, Zrínyi utca 5. district V. Budapest, next to the Four Seasons Gresham Palace and near the Basilica


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