New Year’s Day Cruise with Dinner


  • Cruise at 19.00 with dinner and live music: full pirce: 54 EUR/prs, students: 50 EUR/prs.
  • Cruise at 22.00 with dinner: full price: 46 EUR/prs, students: 42 EUR/prs.

Date & Time: 01. January 2021., 19:00- -20.30 (meeting is at 18.30 inside Duna Palota/Danube Palace), and 01. January 2021. at 22.00-23.30 (meeting is at 21.30 inside Duna Palota/Danube Palace)


Dinner & Cruise on 01. January 2021.


Go on a 1,5-hour  Dinner & Cruise on the Danube and admire the wonderful panorama of Pest and Buda on the riverbanks.

While contemplating the vista you can relish fine food from the buffet dinner, and live music (only during the cruise starting at 19.00).




You will be welcomed on board of an air-conditioned ship, which will take you on a one-and-a-half-hour-long cruise with an excellent warm buffet-dinner of 4 courses.


In the romantic, candlelit atmosphere you can enjoy the wonderful view of the city swimming in lights. After dinner you can also admire the panorama from the open upper deck of the ship.


Time, Price, Meeting Place

  • The evening tour starts at 19.00 on 01. January 2021. Price: full price: 54 EUR, student: 50 EUR
  • The night cruise is at 22.00 on 01. January 2021., Price: full price: 46 EUR, student: 42 EUR
  • Meeting for both programs is at the ticket office of the Duna Palota (Danube Palace) at 5., Zrínyi utca, district V., at 18.30, and 20.30 the latest.




Cold entries: Spiced cottage cheese cream and traditional greaves cream



Alföld style goulash with noodles

Vegetable soup with tarragon and noodles


Warm main courses

Mini stuffed cabbage

Meatballs in tomato sauce

Turkey cutlets with vegetables in parsley sauce

Csongrád style pork slices in garlic sauce

Chicken Paprikash


Garnishes and vegetarian

Boiled potatoes

Potato scones


Steamed jasmin rice with corn



Grilled polenta with feta cheese

Grilled vegetables



Corn salad in dill and yoghurt dressing

Potato salad

Cucumber salad with sour cream dressing

Caesar salad

Season fruit basket



Somló style sponge cake pudding

Mini tiramisu cup

Blueberry fruit cream with chocolate sponge cake

Chocolate mousse

Home-made strudels



1 Welcome drink, 1 Glass of wine (or juice) and 1 bottle of mineral water


Terms and Conditions

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