Parliament Tour + Danube Cruise

Visit the Parliament building on a 1-hour guided tour in English.

Places for the Parliament visit are limited, so please make your booking as early as possible!

Prices: vary depending on which package you choose. Please note that there is a different price of the Parliament tour for adults and students coming from the European Union and for those visiting from countries outside the EU.

Includes a 1-hour guided tour of the Parliament + a (Danube Cruise with/without buffet  Lunch)

Meeting point: Parliament Visitor Center at the Northern side of Kossuth Lajos Square,

Cruise Meeting Point: Danube Palace, Zrínyi utca 5. Budapest 1051 (close to the Basilica). Meeting time: 13.30.



the parliament lighted up at night photographed from the DanubeSee Budapest’s top landmark, the Parliament on a 1-hour English-language guided tour.


The imposing building  – the world’s 10th most popular attraction according to Tripadvisor – towers above the Danube on the Pest side between the


  • Chain Bridge and
  • Margaret Bridge


You will also get admission to two historic ships anchored on the Danube:


  • the Kossuth Museum Ship and
  • the Gróf Széchenyi Museum Ship


The tour is combined with


2 couples on the panorama deck of a cruise boat early afternoon

  • a 1,5 hours cruise on the Danube – with or without a 4-course buffet lunch starting at 14.00


This way you can have a worthy program in Budapest covering sightseeing, culture and gastronomy.


Parliament Tour Details


Date & Times


the crown inside a glass cabinet
Holy Crown of King St. Stephen

The Parliament tour is available at the following dates and time

  • at 11.00 am: June 14, 16, 22
  • at 11.15 am: June 17, 19, 20, 21, 24, 27


Note: Please note that places are limited to 20 on each day


A professional guide will take you around inside the Parliament telling you all about the history and interesting facts, stories related to Hungary’s grandest building.


Route of the Tour


Staircase No. XVII.


The tour departs from the Visitor Centre located at the north side of the Parliament. The building boasts 28 staircases and you will ascend to the  prestigious main floor through the richly decorated Staircase No. XVII.


It is lined with statues of historic Hungarian figures and the stained glass windows offer a stunning view of the landscaped Kossuth Square.


Old Upper House Hall


Then you visit the Upper House assembly hall that used to house the Upper House but today is home to conferences and meetings. The spacious, several galleries-high room has excellent acoustics.


The seats form a horseshoe shape.


Visitors can also marvel at

  • the beautiful wood panels of Slavonian oak,
  • gold plated details and
  • the imposing oak podium for the speakers.[/tie_list]


Behind the podium you can see the pained coat of arms of Hungary’s royal families. The floor is covered with Europe’s largest hand-knotted carpet.


Upper House Lobby


After the Upper House Hall you will enter the adjoining Lobby.


The sculptures – that are a tribute to historic Hungarian ethnic groups and long-forgotten crafts – are made of pyrogranite an innovation of the Zsolnay works.


Dome Hall


The Dome Hall is the geometric centre of the building. The Holy Crown of Hungary and the Coronation Insignia have been on display here under strict guarding of the Crown Guard since 01. January 2000.


Don’t forget to look up the impressive vaulted ceiling divided into 16 sections and boasting colourful stained glass windows.


The Grand Stairway


The tour ends with visiting the other focal point of the Parliament, the red-carpeted Grand Stairway. The 96 steps lead from the main entrance up to the Dome Hall.


The 8 four-ton granite columns are unique in size and only 12 such are available in the world.


Cruise Options


You can combine the Parliament tour with a 1,5 hour Danube lunch cruise of 4-courses served buffet style (lunch is optional, you can choose the program with cruise only).




Tour + Cruise only Options:


  • EU-citizens – Adult: 25 EUR
  • EU-citizens – Student (ages: 6 – 24): 21 EUR
  • Non-EU-citizens – Adult: 43 EUR
  • Non-EU-citizens – Student (ages: 6 – 24): 27 EUR


Tour & Cruise with Buffet Lunch


  • EU-citizens – Adult: 48 EUR
  • EU-citizens – Student (ages: 6 – 24): 42 EUR
  • Non-EU-citizens – Adult: 60 EUR
  • Non-EU-citizens – Student (ages: 6 – 24): 48 EUR


Included Are:


  • entry fee to and 1-hour English-language guided tour of the Parliament
  • 1,5 hour cruise on the Danube starting at 14.00
  • entry to the Kossuth Museum Ship (opening hours: 12.00 – 22.00) and
  • the Gróf Széchenyi Museum Ship (opening hours: 10.00 – 13.30) – both ships are anchored right next to the cruise departure-ending point!




With Paypal: from your PayPal balance, or using a Bank Card, Credit Card. No need to create a PayPal account!


After payment you automatically receive your E-Ticket.

Please present it in print form or on your mobile/tablet to our staff at the meeting place, the Danube Palace.


Important Information Regarding the Parliament Tour


Following booking you will receive a booking confirmation in PDF from Hungaria Koncert via email (in Hungarian language). This will be your ticket to the Parliament, make sure to bring a PRINTED COPY of it with you.


If there is no more place for your requested appointment (as the places are limited for visiting), we offer you the closest time.


If it is not suitable for you and we do not receive any feedback from you within 24h before the tour we are not able to refund your money.


You may enter the building following a security check. Larger bags, packages and objects capable of causing injury are strictly prohibited.


The Parliament may cancel the tour due to Parliament programs and state protocol events.


A ticket cannot be refunded or rescheduled.


You may enter the building only with a PRINTED COPY of your ticket (the PDF document). You can print your ticket at the info desk 15 minutes prior to the tour.


Visitors may not remain inside the Parliament following your guided visit due to security reasons.


Make sure to have your photo ID/passport with you when entering the Parliament.


The price of the program includes the Parliament booking fee as well.

Student prices are valid for students under 24 years of age. Make sure to bring your student ID.

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