Sweet Days Budapest Festival

Date: September 22-24, 2023

Location: Szent István Square, in front of the Basilica, and Zrínyi Street

If you love cakes, pastries, and all things chocolate then definitely visit the Sweet Days Budapest Festival in September 2023.

The venue of the event – the square in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica – cannot be more central so you won’t have trouble getting there.

lots of visitors at the Sweet Days Budapest festival in Szent István Square in front of the Basilica
Central Location – Sweet Days Budapest Festival

Getting To The Sweet Days Budapest Festival

  • M1, M2 M3 metros Deák Ferenc stop, tram 2 Eötvös tér or Széchenyi tér stops

Opening Hours:

  • 30. Sept- 01. Oct, Friday and Saturday: 10.00 – 22.00,
  • 02. Oct, Sunday: 10.00 – 21.00


  • FREE – You pay for the sweet treats, food, drinks.
an assortment of bonbons at the Sweet Days festival
Front photo of St. Stephen's Basilica and lots of festival visitors on the square in front of it - sweet days chocolate festival
The Basilica Of Budapest

A great family program not just for lovers of sweets.

The venue in itself is impressive, the largest church of the city overlooks the event on the sprawling square of Szent István tér.

  • Zrínyi Street connecting the Basilica with the Danube bank

More Than Chocolates & Cakes…

The Sweet Days Festival (Édes Napok in Hungarian) is not exclusively about artisan chocolates and chocolatiers anymore.

Don’t have sweet tooth? Don’t worry… you’ll find plenty other tasty things to savour, like burgers, pizza and other street food.

  • Say Cheese Budapest – cheese cakes (Dráva utca 10., district XIII.)
  • Hideg Nyalat – paleo, vegan, artisan ice creams
  • Hisztéria Cremeria Ice Cream parlor
  • Cocó7 Chocolatier
  • Cakes and desserts (Marangona, Desszert.Neked, Rachel’s Flódni),
  • Donuts – The Box Donut shop (Teréz krt. 62., on Nagykörút/Grand Blvd.)
  • Kürtöskalács (Sekler Cake – Vitéz Kürtös will make this traditional local pastry),
  • Wines – look for the VinCE Borsarok fro some splendid wines from Tokaj, the Garamvári Wine Estate or Italain wines.
  • Pálinka – distillates made from 100 % fruit
  • Coffee – Pellini makes espressos, cappuccinos etc. from beans roasted Italian style, as well as invites you to  thematic coffee tasting sessions at their stall at No. 17. Nespresso also will be there.
  • Even some street food bars (Piknik Utcabár, Kolbice, Paneer, Vega Bistro, Paleo & Belgian Waffles) will be present.
our 6 years old boy holding a rose-shaped ice cream in cone in his hands at the Sweet Days Budapest festival, he is wearing a yellow Minion's baseball cap

So, even if you don’t like sweets you can still have a wonderful time over the three days:

Sip wine, pálinka, or whiskey,
Have burgers or other quality fast food, or
If you’re health conscious you can drink fresh fruit smoothies by the Veggie Raw Vegan Bistro (Veggie Nyers Vegán Bisztró they offer free tastings each day at 18.00, look for stand No. 30).

A Few Of My Personal Favorites:

  • Marangona (Bimbó utca 2., Buda, district II.) – a spacious, romantic dessert shop in Buda (tram 4, 6, Széna tér stop) with delicious cakes, desserts, biscuits, ice cream in summer.
  • Desszert. Neked (Paulay Ede u. 17., district VI.) – another great cake shop, this one is in Pest in a street running parallel with Andrássy Avenue. French-style cakes and desserts are their specialties.
  • Pataki Confectionery from Érd town south of Budapest – marvellous traditional as well as more new wave cakes, and ice cream.
  • Sugar! Design Confectionery – Paulay Ede utca 48., district VI. – cakes, tartes, cupcakes,  lollipops, candies, ice cream – a must for everyone with a sweet tooth!
  • Zangio – handcrafted bonbons, their shop is opposite the Great Synagogue at 6., Wesselényi utca.
the booth of Sugar shop with cakes, macarons, lolipops in the counter
Sweet Treats By Sugar Shop

Chocolatiers, Bonbon Makers on the Festival

Quite a few chocolate makers will be present so you will have a wide spectrum of sweets to choose from

  • Sokkoládé – handmade bonbons from Belgian chocolate.
  • chocoMe – award winner pralines and chocolates
  • Csokicsel Artisan chocolates – makes various tools and utensils and other funny objects from chocolate (screwdriver, pinchers, key, scissors)
  • Levande Design Chocolate
  • Passionate & elit chocolate
  • Bolka Chocolates
2 coffee drinks in abrown paper cup (fancy latte with whipped cream and syrup), a chimney cake and a pancake on apaper plate

Some of The Programs – Sweet Days Budapest Festival

Programs, workshops are in Hungarian but you can still enjoy the visual experience even if you don’t understand what’s said.


15.00 – Secret of the Macaron made by Bolka Chocolates

16.00 – A plate dessert made by the Kempinski Corvinus Hotel’s confectioner

15.00-16.00 – Anikó Csáreczki, chef of Société – The world of French desserts

19.00 – Concerts by Hungarian bands (nági Acoustic, Kamilka and Pesti Sikk)


11.00 – Barista show by Mantaro Café

12.00 – Árpád Szűcs from the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace makes almond pana cotta with strawberries and granola, as well as classic Dobos cake

16.00 – Almond tarte with pear simmered in red wine – by Desszert.Neked Cake Shop

18.00-19.00 – Chocolate and alcohol – by Whiskynet – 3 whiskey and 3 chocolates

19.00-21.30 Concerts by Hungarian bands: Fanni Mayer Acoustic, Klára hajdú and Krisztián Oláh Duett, Abigél Cserpes Acoustic

ice cream in cornetto bowls


12.00 – Rocket Ice Cream – made with nitrogen gas from fresh ingredients, the star of this summer (they can be found in Karaván Street Food courts in Kazinczy Street)

13.00 – Rawnie by Naspolya Nassolda: raw brownie made without flour, sugar, dairy products and even baking.

14.00 – Cake design show with Rachel Raj cake designer

15.00 – Péter László from KIOSK (Március 15. Square) makes a traditional Hungarian pastry: Darázsfészek with custard and ice cream

16.00 – Hungary’s Cake 2022: Balatoni Habos Mogyoró (Hazelnut Mousse Torte)

17.00 – Spectacular decorations from caramel by Vilmos Farkas

18.00 – Steve Sam & Nagy Kristóf Bozont concert

19.00 – Concert by the Monarchia String Quartet

See also the official Facebook event page.

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