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Hungarian Cuisine

A Taste of Hungary

  Authentic Hungarian Recipes Discover the culinary treasures of this exotic nation, Hungary, and spice up family eatings with recipes from the ebook. I wrote this ebook to share my favourite Hungarian recipes and help you make them, too. What …

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Strudel Tasting in Budapest in the First Strudel House of Pest

Add strudel tasting to your Budapest travel program and learn about the secrets of traditional strudel making in the First Strudel House of Pest Cafe & Restaurant housed in a historic building in the city center. You will of course …

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Special Hungarian Foods

Local Delicacies For Real Gourmands You can purchase Special Hungarian Foods in every grocery store. The food markets of Budapest (Central Market, Downtown Market in Hold utca are good places to buy these items too. These Hungarian food and beverage …

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Hungarian Recipe eBooks

Here are two Hungarian Recipe e -books if you want to learn about Hungary’s cuisine, make traditional dishes like goulash, stuffed cabbage, strudel or beigli. Written by a local housewife, these two easy-to-follow recipe ebooks include lots of hints and …

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Hungarian Paprika

History, Facts & Recipes Learn about the history, types, and production of Hungarian paprika. You’ll also find some authentic Hungarian dishes prepared the famous red spice. Quick Links: History – Growing and Production – Types – Buying – Cooking Tips …

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Authentic Hungarian Goulash (gulyás)

goulash served in a round plate placed on a dark brown place mat

A Classic Recipe, Preparation Tips, History From the country’s varied culinary repertoire Hungarian goulash is the most famous and often cooked dish outside the borders of Hungary. Still many confusions and misconceptions surround its exact preparation method. Even in Hungary …

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