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Find out about the best things to do and see in Budapest.

It is is a fairly large city but easy to get around and explore. If you stay only for a short time it’s good to select the sights and activities that interest you the most to get the best out of your holiday.

If you are lucky to have more than a couple of days to devote to our city you won’t be bored either.

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Favourite things to do in the city:

Season by Season

Experience Budapest in all four seasons. Things to do, event and program recommendations season by season.

Summer is the busiest season with lots of festivals and things to do.

Beautiful photos showing the many faces of the Hungarian capital changing from spring to winter.

TIP 1: Besides the best-known landmarks and neighbourhoods take time to discover Budapest’s hidden sights!

TIP 2: Check out also our guide for tourists visiting Budapest for the 1st time.

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Leisure and Pleasure in Budapest

Have fun in Budapest! Find out what thrilling/adventurous/relaxing things to do we recommend to make your vacation memorable:

Thermal Baths

Learn about the spas and bath culture Budapest is renowned for all over the world:

Turkish Baths in Budapest

Have a dip in one of the city’s Ottoman Baths or just admire their great architecture. Learn about the history of

Countless events, festivals, lesser-known landmarks, a range of museums to all ineterests, lots of shops, fresh food markets, rich nightlife await everyone in the Hungarian capital all year round.

You will have time to uncover hidden secrets: attractions, events, programs that mostly only locals know about.

Enjoy the colourful cultural life: