Veli Bej Bath

The Oldest and Most Beautiful Turkish Bath in Budapest

The Veli Bej Bath (formerly called Császár Bath) is located in Buda in district II., on Frankel Leó út. The recently refurbished spa complex operates within and managed by the Budai Irgalmas Rendi Hospital (Ordo Hospitalarius).

It’s less touristy than the other baths of the city (Gellért, Széchenyi) and certainly one of the secret spots of Budapest.

Location, Address

the octagonal pool in Veli Bej (Császár) Bath Budapest

Address: Árpád fejedelem útja 7., district II. Buda Tel: (+36 1) 438 8400

Getting There:

  • trams 4, 6 Margit Híd Budai hídfő stop, from there a couple of minutes walk to the north
  • from Southern-Buda: trams 17, 19, 41: Komjádi Béla utca stop

Opening Hours, Tickets

Open: Monday – Sunday: 06.00 – 12.00 and 15.00 – 21.00 (cashier closes at 11.00 and 20.00)

Massages: Monday – Sunday: 09.0 – 11.45 and 15.30 – 20.45

closed over the Easter Weekend and Pentecost


  • Monday – Thursday: 3-hour  morning ticket: 2 240 HUF, 3-hour afternoon ticket: 2 800 HUF,
  • Evening ticket (19.00-21.00): 2 240 HUF,
  • Fri: 3-h morning ticket: 2 240 HUF, afternoon & evening: 2 800 HUF,
  • Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays (3-hour stay): 2 800 HUF all day.


  • 15-minute: 1 990 HUF
  • 30-minute: 3 490 HUF
  • 45-minutr: 4 590 HUF
  • 60-minute: 6 390 HUF

Note: children under the age of 14 cannot visit the bath.

Historical Details of the Veli Bej Turkish Bath

Budapest was known for its many thermal water springs in the medieval times, so several baths were built at the time. The Turks were big bath enthusiast (they are still today) so they constructed several thermal and steam bath houses in Buda.

Besides the currently known three Ottoman baths (the Király, the Rudas and the Veli Bej), there were a couple of smaller baths (Buda has altogether 7 – 9 baths during the 150 year Ottoman era in 16th – 17th centuries) that didn’t survive the passing of time.

The oldest bath is the Turkish part of the Császár Spa, built by Sokollu Mustafa pasha in 1574-75.

The Veli Bej is said to be not only the oldest but also the most beautiful Ottoman bath in Budapest.

4 smaller domed buildings surround the central cupola.

The building survived the recapture of Buda in 1686. In 1806 he bath became the property of the Ordo Hospitalarius, that expanded on the original Turkish buildings.

During the reconstruction project lead by József Hild in 1841-48 the bath was significantly enlarged and its name was changed to Kaiser Bad (Emperor’s Bath = Császár Fürdő in Hungarian).

After regaining the owner status of the bath, the Ordo Hospitalarius (Irgalmas Rend) decided to completely renovate the buildings and reconstruct the original Ottoman bath with the help of archaeologists and art historians.

The renovation works were finished in 2011 and the Veli Bej Bath welcomes everyone with

  • old world charm and
  • 21st century spa facilities.

Due to the meticulous archaeological restoration works the original design of the interior have been preserved.

Facilities, Interesting Facts

Water composition:

 Domes of the Veli Bej Bath

The bath has five thermal pools with the following water composition:

  • Sodium 90 mg/l
  • Potassium 10,6 mg/l
  • Calcium 151 mg/l
  • Magnesium 40,6 mg/l
  • Total hardness CaO 304 mg/l Sio2 32 mg/l
  • Chloride 116 mg/l Sulphate 183 mg/l
  • Hydrogen-carbonate 500 mg/l
  • Fluoride 1,62 mg/l Ph 6,6
  • Water temperature: 38,8 °C

The water of the bath is beneficial in the following cases:

  • Degenerative disorders of the spinal columns and joints,
  • chronic arthritis,
  • neuralgia
  • calcium deficiency in bones.

You can see remains of the original plumbing built by the Turks wall when you head for the saunas from the pools. The pipes

are made of clay. The remains were discovered during the reconstruction works and archaeologists were invited to preserve the remains.

Wellness in the Veli Bej Spa


There is also a brand new wellness department with

  • two steam chambers,
  • a jacuzzi,
  • Finnish and infra saunas,
  • massage showers,
  • a Kneipp walk pool,
  • swimming pool, and
  • various massages.

Price of Massages:

  • 15 minutes: 1 500 HUF
  • 30 minutes: 3 000 HUF
  • 45 minutes: 4 500 HUF
  • 60 minutes: 6 000 HUF


The cafe of the bath offers basic food and drinks should you feel starved after a soaking in the hot water.

Coffee, tea, soft drinks, mineral water, sandwiches, baguettes, a few cakes at very affordable prices.

Restaurants Nearby the Bath

Pata Negra tapas bar inside

There are a couple of good restaurants cafes, and food bars in the vicinity of the bath.

Pata Negra Buda – A Spanish tapas bar

Address: Frankel Leó út 55. Open: 11.00 – 24.00 every day


Cafe Gusto

A cosy cafe with short menu, good carpaccio and pasta salad

Address: Frankel Leó út 12. Open: Mon – Sat: 10.00 – 22.00, close don Sunday.


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