Folk Dance Performance with Hungarian Dinner

Have a wonderful evening enjoying authentic Hungarian folklore show and delicious four-course dinner.

The meal is served buffet style in a superb restaurant located in one of the top 4-star hotels of Budapest.

Dates in 2017:

  • every Friday, starting at 19.00. Please arrvie by 18.50. The program ends at 22.00.

Why Go?

diners sitting around tables in ARAZ restaurant, folk ensemble is playing in the background
The refined elegance of the restaurant: gold, white, beige, and chocolate brown colours, designer lamps, quality materials lend a contemporary, relaxed feel to the interior

The elegant restaurant’s full evening program offers

  • a glimpse into Hungary’s rich and varied folk heritage as well as
  • you get to taste the fabulous local cuisine and wines.

The award-winner Hungarian Folk Embassy’s performance ensures a memorable cultural entertainment.

The show perfectly complements the fine meals – prepared by the talented gourmet chef Áron Barka especially for the occasion – and wines.

For only 35 EUR (10 490 HUF + 10 % service charge) you’ll have an entertaining evening including an ample selection of tasty Hungarian fare:

  • roasted duck liver,
  • goulash from grey cattle,
  • catfish Paprikash
  • slowly roasted goose leg with steamed cabbage, and mashed potato
  • apple-poppy seed cake served with vanilla sauce,
  • pancakes Gundel style, (with walnut cream filling and chocolate topping)
  • sponge cake Somló style with whipped cream
  • and 3 glasses of fine local wines that match the meals.

See the full menu below.

a folk band playing in ARAZ, a young lady playing the hammered dulcimer

These Friday-evening programs are a wonderful treat even for Hungarians.

At least, that’s what my husband told me after attending the program.

He’s not really keen on listening to folk music for extended time but even he was charmed by the talent of the music band especially the dulcimer player.

Not to mention the spectacular dance performance including the authentic bottle dance.

Folk Dance & Music, Dinner Featuring Classic Hungarian Dishes

a pair in folk costume (the woman in red, green and white) dancing next to the diners

The dinner starts at 19.00 with live folk music playing in the background.

You can warm up to the evening with

  • a shot of pálinka (fruit distilate) or
  • a glass of Hungarian sparkling wine.

You can pick as many dishes and have as many servings as you like.

Have your fill of delectable local food!

During the dinner you’ll be also served 3 glasses of wine

a young woman in folk costume dancing with a bottle on the top of her head
Hungarian bottle dance

The folk music and dance program begins at 20.00.

During the 20-minute show performed by the Hungarian Folk Embassy band you’ll learn about the folk music, dance and costume heritage of certain Hungarian areas:

  • Kalotaszeg
  • Mezőség
  • Szatmár and
  • Székelyföld in Transylvania

A diverse program giving you a taste of Hungary’s colourful culture.

You’ll be soon enchanted by the music of the string orchestra and the incredible performance of the dulcimer player (cimbalom).

Not to mention the prowess of the dancers.

a bowl of catfish paprikash
Catfish paprikash

Price: 35 EUR (10 490 HUF) + 10 % service fee, that includes

  • the folk performance,
  • unlimited food consumption from the buffet table,
  • a welcome drink as well as
  • 3 glasses of wine.

Reservation is required due to the popularity of the program and limited places.

After reservation you’ll receive a confirmation in e-mail from the restaurant within 2 days.

Full Menu

Hungarian paprika salami, roasted duck liver tomato, green pepper arranged on a serving plate
Salami, roasted duck

Welcome drink: a shot of Pálinka or a glass of Hungarian sparkling wine

Soup: Goulash Soup from Grey Cattle with homemade Noodles

Starters: an assortment of appetizers including

  • Fillet of Cold , Roasted Goose Breast
  • Roasted Duck Liver in its Fat
  • Cold, Cooked Smoked Porck Knuckle wiht Boiled Eggs and Horse-Raddish Sauce
  • Homemade Mixed Pickles
  • Salads with Dressing
roasted goose legs arranged nicely on a stainless steel serving dish
Roasted goose leg

Main dishes:

  • Catfish Paprikash with Ewe’s Cottage-Cheese Pasta
  • Goose Leg (slowly roasted) with Braised Cabbage and Mashed Potato
  • Roasted Pork Spare Ribs Csáky style, with Roast Potatoes Seasoned with Rosemary
  • Chicken Paprika Stew with Homemade Dumplings
  • Stuffed Cabbage
a slice of cake with layers of poppy seed sponge and stewed apple
Apple-Poopy-Seed cake


  • Apple-Poppy Seed Cake Szabolcs-style with Vanilla Sauce
  • Gundel Pancake with Walnut filling and Chocolate Sauce
  • Somló-style sponge cake: sponge cake layered with rum raisins, ground walnut, vanilla sauce, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream on top

Included are also 3 glasses of wine:

  • a rose,
  • a white Badacsonyi Kéknyelű: a traditional Hungarian variety grown at the Badacsony Hill, north of Lake Balaton. The Kéknyelű has light straw colour, fruity taste, with dry, crisp acidity and spicy aroma.
  • a red Kadarka from the Szekszárd region: It’s a full-bodied red wine with elegant acids and unique bouquet and flavour, with hints of vanilla spiciness.

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