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Budapest Summer Festival

June 1 - August 31

June-July-August, 2017 – Concerts, Musicals, Theatre Performances

Open-Air Stage & the Water Tower, Margaret Island
Open-Air Stage & the Water Tower, Margaret Island

The Budapest Summer Festival offers a wide range of cultural programs for the summer months beginning on 09. June at 20.00 with a Festive Mendehlsson evening by the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra with guest star Hilary Hahn violin artist (US).

In the Musical genre you can enjoy

  • a new interpretation of Doctor Zhivago (30. June and 02. July at 21.00) with Hungarian singer Zoltán Miller, and
  • the Evita (11. and 13. August at 20.00) will be put on stage again this year.

Quick Links: Theatre Boat ScheduleTicketsMargaret Island ProgramsVárosmajor Open-Air Stage ProgramsFor Children

The festival program (around 100) is rich and diverse: concerts, musicals, dance shows, theatrical performances for children and adults, comedies on three venues:

  • Open-Air Theater in Városmajor (Buda) – venue for many children programs
  • the Open-Air Theater on Margaret Island (trams 4 and 6, Margitsziget stop) and
  • the Water Tower on Margaret Island.

You can enhance your experience and enjoy a full evening program special services, additional programs:

  • a dinner,
  • exhibitions, and
  • going up a lookout tower and reveling in the wonderful vista.

Ticket Prices

Note: Some programs, concerts may have ticket prices different from the prices listed below.

  • 1st category: 3 900 HUF, 4 900HUF, 5 900 HUF, 6 900 HUF, 8 400 HUF, 12 000 HUF
  • 2nd category. 3 500 HUF, 3 900 HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 6 900, 8 900 HUF
  • 3rd category: 3 500 HUF, 3 900 HUF, 4 500 HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 7 900 HUF
  • Városmajor Open-Air Stage Sunday matinees: 1 200 HUF
  • 20 % discount for students, seniors

TIP: You’ll get 20 % discount on ticket prices with a Budapest Card.

Ticket purchase:

  • Szabadtér Színház Jegyiroda (Open Air Theatre Ticket Office): 1065 Bp., Nagymező u. 68., opening hours: Monday: 12.00 – 18.00, Tuesday-Friday: 10.00 -1 8.00)
  • Ticket Office of the  Margitsziget Open-Air Theatre (opens in May 2017): every day: 11.00 – 19.00
  • Ticket Office of the  Városmajor Open-Air Theatre: Mon – Fri: 15.00 – 19.00, Sat – Sun: 13.00 – 19.00, and
  • in Interticket offices in Budapest

The 3000-seat open-air stage is at the recently renovated Water Tower (Víztorony) on Margaret Island. The theater has been hosting classical opera and ballet pieces, as well as rock operas and musicals in recent years.

Városmajor Open-Air Theater

Városmajori Szabadtéri Színpad, 1122 Budapest

Address: Városmajor 6835/17 hrsz., district XII., Buda

Getting there: tram 6 or M2 (red) metro, Széll Kálmán tér stop – a few minutes walk from there

Ticket prices: 2 300 HUF, 2900 HUF, 3 500 HUF

Ticket purchase: Szabadtér Színház Jegyiroda (Open-Air Theatre Ticket Office) 1065

Bp., Nagymező u. 68., district VI:

Opening Hours: Monday: 12.00-18.00, Tuesday-Friday: 10.00-18.00)

The Városmajor Open-Air Theater is located in a lovely park in Buda. It can seat 1000 people. Musicals, prose, performances for children will be staged from June till end of  August 2017.

Performances start at 20.00 except the Danube Carnival programs between 03 – 08. June. Children programs start at 10.30 each Sunday.

Margaret Island Open-Air Theater

Margitszigeti Szabadtéri Színpad

Getting There

people sitting on a concert at the open-air stage at dusk
The Open-Air Theater on Margaret Island

Tram 4, and 6 Margitsziget lejáró stop or on a boat on the Danube: ports from where cruise boats to Margisziget depart:

  • Vígadó tér
  • Batthyány tér, Port 1.
  • Szent István Park, Port 1.

Boats arrive to the pier at the Open-Air Theater and Water Tower Margaret Island

Price of the boat transfer: 1 500 HUF (return trip is incl.), you can buy a one-way ticket to get back from Margaret Island: it costs 800 HUF.

Where to Buy Boat Tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at the

  • ports, on board the boat (boat ticket only)
  • at the Ticket office of the Szabadtér Színház: Nagymező utca 68., district VI.,  Tel. +36 1 301 0147,

Opening hours of the Ticket Office: Mon: 12.00 – 18.00, Tue – Fri: 10.00 – 18.00.,

You can also buy boat tickets online at www.mahart.info.

From May you can also buy tickets at the festival venue, the Open-Air Theatre on Margaret Island.

Margaret Island Theatre Boat Schedule June – July 2017

Departures for the Performances Starting at 20.00

  • Vígadó tér  (Port No. 5.)- Departure: 18.45
  • Batthyány Sqr., Port No. 2.: 18.55
  • Szent István Park Port No. 1.: 19.10
  • Margaret Island Open-Air Theater & Water Tower –  Arrival: 19.20

Departures for the Performances Starting at 20.00

  • Vígadó tér  (Port No. 5.)- Departure: 19.45
  • Batthyány Sqr., Port No. 2.: 19.55
  • Szent István Park Port No. 1.: 20.10
  • Margaret Island Open-Air Theater & Water Tower –  Arrival: 20.20

Boats return back after 20 minutes of the end of each performance.

Performances – Open-Air Theatre, Margaret Island

Opening Concert: Mendelsshon Evening, Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra

Hilary Hahn with her violin and a portrait of Mendelsshon in the backgroundDate: 09. June, Friday 20.00

Tickets: 3 900 HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 6 900 HUF, 7 900 HUF, 8 900 HUF, 10 500 HUF

Conductor: Zsolt Hamar, with violinist: Hilary Hahn

Ball of the Monarchy – Folk Dance Show, 16. June

Date: 16. June Friday, 20.00


folk dancers in traditional costume dancing on stageA romantic- classic performance of 200 artists.


  • Budafok Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra,
  • Hungarian State Ensemble,
  • Danube Folk Ensemble,
  • Hungarian Dance Academy,
  • Bartina Dance Ensemble,
  • Bem Dance Ensemble

Y’akoto Concert, 17. June

Date: 17. June, Saturday 20.00

Tickets: 3 900 HUF, 4 500 HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 6 500 HUF, 6 900 HUF, 8 500 HUF

The Ghanaian born singer performs in Hungary for the first time. Blues, neo-soul and ambient pop characterizes her world of music. Learn more about her at her website.

Opera Concert with Stars

Date: 16. July, Sunday 20.00

Tickets: 3 900 HUF, 7 500 HUF, 8 900 HUF


  • Ailyn Pérez (soprano)
  • Ramé Lahaj (tenor)
  • Gabriele Viviani (Baritone)
  • and the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Conductor: Péter Halász

The most enchanting romantic melodies of the world will fill the air on Margitsziget performed by 3 world famous opera singers.

The Gershwins®’ Porgy and Bess®– Opera Concert – In English

Laquita Mitchell Kenneth Overton in the main rolesDate: 23. and 25. June at 20.00


A premier symphonic concert show presenting the music Gershwin composed for his Porgy and Bess jazz opera in 1935.

Renowned opera singers of the USA play the main roles: Laquita Mitchell as Bess and Kenneth Overton as Pergy.

Combined with a large choir and unique visual effects the production offers unforgettable experience for both opera and jazz enthusiasts.

Virtuózok (Virtuosi) – Celebration: Summer Grand Concert

Date: 20. August, Sunday, 20.00

Virtuózok (Virtuosi) is the world’s first classical music talent show of the young generation that run on the Hungarian channel, M1 in autumn 2014.

The show and the performers became very popular and have been invited to perform many times since the end of the show.

On 20th August, which is a National Holiday in Hungary commemorating the foundation of the Hungarian State and the country’s first king, St. Stephen, the 9 finalists will give a festive performance.

A live broadcast of the fireworks show on the banks of the Danube crowns the event.

Tickets: 3 800 HUF

Opera Performances

Giuseppe Verdi: Il Trovatore

Date: 28. July, Friday and 30. July, Sunday at 20.00

Tickets: 3 900, HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 7 900 HUF, 8 900 HUF, 10 500 HUF, 12 000 HUF

Verdi’s popular opera: a new performance staged for the first in Italian with Hungarian subtitles.

In lead roles:

  • Count Luna: Mihály Kálmándy
  • Leonora: Dinara Alieva (AZE)
  • Manrico: Riccardo Massi (IT)
  • Azucena: Ildikó Komlósi

Featuring: Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, Chorus and Ballet of Hungarian State Opera House

Ballet Performances

Béjart Ballet Lausanne: Ballet For Life – Classical ballet

Date: 21. July, Friday, 20.00

ballet dancers on stageTickets: 3 900, HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 6 900 HUF, 7 900 HUF, 8 900 HUF

  • Coreographer: Maurice Béjart
  • Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Queen
  • Costume Design: Gianni Versace

A classical ballet presented by one of Europe’s best-known and talented ballet companies, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne.


Doctor Zhivago a new musical– Premiere

by Michael Weller – Michael Korie & Amy Powers – Lucy Simon

Date: 30. June, Friday and 02. July Sunday at 21.00

Tickets: 3 900 HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 7 500 HUF, 10 500 HUF, 12 000 HUF

The hugely successful musical depicting the tumultous world of the Russian Revolution and World War I, based on the famous novel of Nobel-prize awardee Boris Pasternak.

A. L. Webber – Tim Rice: EVITA

Date: 11. August, Friday and 13. August Sunday at 20.00

Tickets: 3 900 HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 7 500 HUF, 10 500 HUF, 12 000 HUF

One of the most successful open-air performances of previous years is back in 2017!


  • grandiose music,
  • spectacular visual world and
  • the twists and turns of Eva Peron’s story guarantee a an amazing summer evening program.


The Hot Sardines – Summer Swing & Jazz

Date: 07. July, Friday,  20.00

Tickets: 3 900 HUF, 4 500 HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 500 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 6 500 HUF

One of the most talented formations of the new generation of jazz, The Hot Sardines will perform in Hungary for the first time.

They enrich well-known classics with modern sound and fill them with new energy for a truly memorable musical experience.

Dance, Music and Other Performances

Soweto Gospel Choir

the choir members singing in colorful African costumesDate: 23. July, Sunday, 20.00


The Grammy Award winning formation celebrates the 15th anniversary of its foundation with a world tour.

The world-class show of the South-African choir combines African gospel with spiritual, reggae, and Amercian pop music.

Cirque Éloize: Saloon – The Wild Wild West comes alive

A musical acrobatic performance

Dates: 04. August, Friday and 05. August, Saturday at 20.00

Tickets: 3 900 HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 6 500 HUF, 6 900 HUF, 7 500 HUF, 7 900 HUF, 9 500 HUF

The world-famous Canadian circus theater is coming to Budapest with its latest production to fascinate young and old alike.

Magashegyi Underground – Symphonic Remix Concert

Date: 24. August, 20.00

Tickets: 3 500, HUF, 3 900 HUF, 4 900 HUF, 5 900 HUF, 6 900 HUF, 8 900 HUF.

A grand symphonic orchestra and a children choir accompany the performance that illustrates the connection between the four seasons.

Water Tower (Víztorony) Margaret Island

concert at the Water Tower at duskThe refurbished 106-year old Water Tower reopened in May 2012.

It is a look-out tower as well as regularly hosts exhibitions.

The floodlighted tower provides an ideal background for the Jazzy Tower concerts on warm summer nights.

The Jazzy Tower concerts in 2017:

  • Balázs Elemér Group, 11. June, Sunday, 20.00
  • Jónás Vera Experiment, 15. July, Saturday, 20.00
  • Pankastic!, 10. August, Thursday, 20.00
  • Fábián Juli & Zoohacker 18. August, Friday, 20.00

Concert tickets: 3 800 HUF that includes a return boat ticket, look-out tower and exhibition ticket, concert entry, welcome drink.

Opening Hours of the Water Tower and Art Gallery:

from June to October: every day: 11.00 – 20.00

Tickets: full price: 600 HUF, children 300 HUF

Performances – Vársomajor Open-Air Theatre

Danube Carnival, 03 – 08. June, 2017

Folk performances by the Duna Folk Ensemble and other folk groups between 03. and 08. June.

Lords of the Organ – Organ Concert by Gergely Rákász

Date: 30. July, Sunday, 20.00

Tickets: 1 800 HUF, 2 200 HUF, 2 700 HUF

The talented musician, Gergely Rákász brings to stage the evergreen works of the greatest organ composers.

Children Programs

Children’s Stage On the Summer Festival

The children’s stage is opposite the entrance of the Open-Air Theater on Margaret Island, surrounded by three sycamore trees.

  • Puppet shows,
  • children stories welcome the youngest ones as well as grown-ups who are open to playful entertainment.

Each performance is cc. 40-50 minute followed by interactive plays, craft workshops, song and dance learning.

Tickets: children performances are FREE.

Performances start at 10.30 Saturdays  from 11. June till 28. August.

Children Performances at the Városmajor Open-Air Stage

Dates: Sundays at 10.30

Entry: 1 200 HUF

The open-air theatre in Városmajor, Buda also has performances (puppet show, theatre) for kids every Sunday starting at 10.30.

St. Margaret Monastery Ruins – Renaissance Morning on Sundays

stone ruins of the monastery
Remains of the St. Margaret Monastery

The Renaissance mornings at the ruins of the St. Margaret Monastery are free to enjoy every Sunday from 10.30 from 12. June till 14. August.

Recommended for children aged 7+.

More Summer Concert TIPS

TIP1: You can enjoy short music performances at various venues in the city in summer, including Margaret Island (Musical Fountain), the Basilica, Gerbeaud Cafe, Várkert Bazaar and more.

TIP 2: The Vajdahunyad Castle hosts concert evenings from 03. July to 17. August 2017, on Mondays and Thursdays; a great program for warm summer evenings.

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