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When is Budapest Weather the Most Favourable For a Visit?


The weather in Budapest is definitely not boring. Since Hungary lies in the temperate zone, four seasons follow each other in constant cycle.



Oceanic, continental and mediterranean climatic zones affect and form the country's climate.

Hungary lies in the Carpathian Basin that provides both protection and isolation.

Thus weather in the capital, and in the whole country tends to be changeable.

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The Best Time to Come

Budapest shows its charm best in spring and early autumn, though most tourists visit the city in summer. Winter in Hungary is rather cold and grey, but you'll find plenty indoor attractions to do. So our city has something for you in all four seasons. Below you can read more about the climate and recommendations about things to do in every season. I hope it helps you to plan your trip well.

Weather in Spring


In spring the city awakens from its winter sleep, the first buds on the trees appear and sunshine caresses the air and our faces.

Spring flowers, trees and grass in all shades of the green make a refreshing change after the grey winter days.

Weather in March and in the first half of April is a bit unpredictable, often windy, but in the second half of

April and in May days become more and more warmer. Daily temperature rises up to between 20-25 °C (68-77°F).

Clark Adam Square in Buda with lots of flowers

Flowers in full bloom on Clark Adam Square at the Buda end of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Lánchíd)


Visiting Budapest in Spring


Spring is perfect for sightseeing and walking in the green parts of the city, like Margaret Island, the Gellért Hill or the Buda Hills.

The Budapest Spring Festival provides for cultural entertainment.

Spring Holidays in Hungary

15th March is a National Holiday in Hungary when we commemorate the Revolution against the Austrian-Habsburg oppression breaking out on 15th March in 1848.

Read more about the historical background of and programs taking place on 15th March National Day.

celebrating 15th March National Holiday at the Hungarian National Museum


TIP: Easter is the other significant spring holiday in Hungary. Find out about some program and things to do tips on Easter in Budapest.

Read about other spring events!  

Traditional painted Hungarian Easter Eggs


Weather in Summer


can be very hot and dry in Hungary. It was in the previous couple of years. Daily temperature can go well over 30°C (86°F), especially in July and August. Show more See some tips on how to endure the heat in Budapest.

Scientists say it's due to the global warming and extreme hot summers are going to be a tendency in near future.

The buildings and the asphalt conserves the heat and can't really cool down during the night. However, warm summer evenings are perfect for several outdoor programs.

So if you come here in the summer and plan to walk a lot in the city, bring clothes suitable for hot weather.

Sultry Summer on Szabadsag Square

Sudden showers can occur, so don't forget your umbrella! The annual average number of sunny hours (2000 hours) is among the highest in Europe.

As a result, Hungary produces a wide variety of delicious fruits and vegetables. Do taste them! You can buy fresh produce at one of the local markets. The largest (and my favourite) is the Great Market Hall at the Pest end of the Szabadság-híd (Freedom Bridge).

Visiting in Summer

Summer tends to be rather hot, though you can do more sightseeing due to longer days. In the warm evenings you can enjoy many outdoor events or just sit in a terrace of a café or restaurant. TIP: visit Budapest in June to enjoy a wide range of festivals and other programs.


Ráday Street Outdoor Restaurants

Outdoor Restaurants in Ráday Street, district IX. - One of the Most Popular Places for Eating Out


Recommended Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurant Guide

Michelin-Star and other Top Rated Restaurants

Hungarian Restaurants

Restaurants with Patio

Italian Eateries in Budapest

French Restaurants

Best Cafes

Gerbeaud Coffee House

BarBÁR Cafe & Chocolate

eating out

On the other hand, tourists overflow the city in summer months, but if you don't mind crowd summer is perfect for a visit because you can enjoy many summer events the most popular ones being:


TIP: See more summer program recommendations


Budapest Weather in Autumn


In September days are still warm but there's no scorching heat like in summer. Kids have gone back to school and the flock of tourists starts to disappear too at this time. TIP: browse our things to do recommendations for September 2014.

If we're lucky the first half of October presents us with nice sunny days too. This period is called vénasszonyok nyara in Hungarian (old women's summer) or Indian summer.
November leads us to winter with shorter, grey and cloudy days. Temperature goes below 0 °C (32°F) especially at nights.


stately trees with colurful leaves at Szabadsag Square in autumn

Autumn Foliage at Szabadság Square

Visiting Budapest in Autumn


Early autumn is an ideal time for sightseeing and walking on the streets of the city. I often do strolls in the parks and admire the beautiful golden and reddish leaves on the trees.

Sunlight in on a clear autumn day lends a mysterious hazy atmosphere to the city. A perfect time to take stunning photos of the city.

TIPS: Things To Do in November - Events and Program Tips, Budapest in October  - some great festivals and activity recommendations.


Weather in Winter


Weather in Hungary in winter can vary from year to year. Usually January is the coldest month, with daily temperatures around between -5°C (23°F) and 0°C (32°F).

Sometimes we have very cold weather lasting for a few days, with temperatures around -10 (14°F). Nights can be particularly cold.

Usually we get some snow every winter but it melts away after a few days. Even in winter there are beautiful sunny days with crystal blue sky.

winter cityscape: rooftops covered with snow

Visiting Budapest in Winter


Although it is rather grey and cold in winter you'll find plenty things to do. Why not go for a museum tour?

You can choose from couple of great museums, ranging from large ones to small, friendly exhibitions.

If you aren't a museum fan immerse in one of the steam baths. The Hungarian capital is the city of spas, read more about Budapest spas!

I can't imagine a better way to warm myself up after strolling in the cold streets than dipping in a hot steam bath.

Széchenyi Bath at night









The Szécheniy Bath at Night

For an afternoon café and cake sit in one of the city's Coffee Houses.

In December the city dresses up in Christmas decorations. Do your Christmas shopping at the Christmas Fair on Vörösmarty Square!


Christmas Fair in the city centre, Vorosmarty ter

Fairy Tale Cottage at the Christmas Market on Vörösmarty Square


TIP: Winter Things to Do - Events and Program Tips 



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Hopefully you keep returning and find more and more things to adore in our city!

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